Monday, December 10, 2012

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Canon Says 6D Buggy with YouTube, and Some 1D Xs Still Have f/8 AF Issue
| Michael Zhang | PetaPixel
Canon has issued a couple of service advisories to notify customers of known issues with the 6D and 1D X DSLRs. The former camera has a YouTube problem, while the latter has some autofocus issues for certain customers.

Sub $6K 65" Changhong Ultra High Definition TV Set Coming | David Richards
| Smart House
Chinese TV and appliance company Changhong, who is looking to grow market share in Australia, is set to launch a low cost 65” Ultra High Definition Smart LED TV next year. The new TV will be shown at the 2013 CES Show in Las Vegas.ChannelNews understands the TV will retail for sub $6,000 and be launched in the second half of 2013.

Shooting an Indie film with the SONY FS-700 in Bangkok | Artikel von Steffen
| HackerMovies
Interesting piece about shooting with the Sony NEX-FS700:
The gear I brought was the FS-700, several A-mount lenses with a fast aperture (for night shots) (16-35mm zoom f2.8, 35mm f1.4, 85mm f1.4), the Metabones adapter (first generation) and the Canon EF-mounted Sigma 14mm f2.8, Sigma 50mm f1.8 and the Canon 100mm f2.8 .

The Perfect Camera is Finally Coming! Things will NEVER be the same
| Jason Lange | Blog
Not really, but the writer speculates on what will happen as cameras get better, and cheaper:
Like it or not, it’s coming.  Crews will get smaller and the technical barriers to capturing stunning imagery will disappear.  And even well before that we’ll be at the point of good enough: the mp3 of filming will emerge and serve 99% of our needs (hell, you could even argue we’re already there in some respects).

10 Tips to Getting Investors | Suzanne Lyons | MasteringFilm
3. Find other great people who can help you. Have friends and colleagues introduce you to potential investors, get to know them and see if they are interested in reading your business plan package.

XDCAM Essentials Episode 3 - The Benefits of XDCAM Workflow Part 1
| Sony Professional | YouTube
Looks at the PMW-100, PMW-160, PMW-200:
XDCAM Essentials Episode 3 looks at two of the many time-saving advantages of the XDCAM workflow. In Part 1 Doug Jensen demonstrates how to program and use the Customer Clip Naming and Last Clip Delete functions and how proper use of these features will help you to work faster and more efficiently. Doug will present additional benefits of XDCAM workflow in upcoming episdoes of XDCAM Essentials.

Panasonic Officially Starts Shipping the GH3 (Plus New Test Videos)
| Justin Minich | NoFilmSchool
It may be shipping, but the GH3 is still only listed as Available for pre-order...
Some of us have been waiting for this since the camera stat rumors in September, and others since the GH2 was hacked. Despite earlier news of a slightly delayed release date, it looks like Panasonic has officially begun shipping the GH3. If you’re just now learning about the GH3, be sure to check out the camera’s stats and past videos.

The Neverending Story of Self-Distributing The Upsetter | Brandon Harris | Filmmaker Magazine
Indefatigable in their desire to find larger and larger audiences for their film, Adam Bhala Lough (Bomb the System, Weapons) and and his co-director Ethan Higbee have been self-distributing The Upsetter: The Life & Music of Lee “Scratch” Perry for what feels like an eternity. The film had its world premiere at SXSW in 2008...

Testing the “Pro” in Apple ProRes | stopp*lab
Our test was done in the following way: a TIFF Color bar was used as source. This file was encoded to Apple ProRes in two sizes HD (1920×1080) and HalfHD (960×540). Two flavors of ProRes were used, 422HQ and 4444, so 4 files in total for each application. All ProRes files were then imported and compared to the original TIFF source. If there were a color shift this was marked in red in the test chart (the shift could differ in appearance but that is not explored further in this test). If the file matched it was marked green.

Sam Mendes: 'I did Skyfall to wake myself up. It has certainly done that'
| Kate Kellaway | The Guardian
Above all, Mendes needs a good story: "Directing depends upon a story's rhythm – a good story should breathe in and out." Or, in Bond's case, hold its breath? He explains that Skyfall's opening 10 minutes, involving three Turkish locations, took more than two months to film. He talks about shooting in "the disused tube platforms under Charing Cross in stygian darkness".

Teradek Bolt – SOLID Wireless HD-SDI Monitoring | Vincent Laforet | Blog
Vincent has been using the HDMI based Teradek Cube for the past year and likes it:
Now Teradek has upped its game and introduced the Bolt, a wireless HD-SDI monitoring system.  I can say that I am amazed at the quality of the image, total lack of latency, and rock solid signal. This unit has so far performed as well as high-tend units priced a 5x to 10x the price.

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