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Many Camera Formats Strike in Waiting for Lightning | Michael Svitak | Hurlblog
The primary camera package, donated by Revolution Cinema Rentals for the documentary project, consisted of three Canon 5D bodies, three tripods, a set of Canon “L” series primes, Canon 24-70mm, Canon 70-200mm zoom, two sets of 77mm Tiffen Water White IR ND filters, two SmallHD DP6 on-board monitors, a HP Dreamcolor lighting monitor and 20 Hoodman 16GB CF cards.

It was this forward thinking that led me to the show—and I knew the innovation would continue when Ircink agreed to let me introduce my Nikon DSLRs to his production workflow. The show has been traditionally shot on Sony’s EX1, but the shallow depth-of-field offered by the DSLRs really allowed the food—the show’s main character—to shine.

RED Ends Lens Production, Dragon Sensor Compares to 65mm According to CEO Jim Jannard | Joe Marine | No Film School
The RED Dragon sensor needs to be directly compared to 65mm film.The Dragon has more resolution than 65mm film when scanned at 4K.The Dragon has more dynamic range than film… by a lot. 65mm film has about 14.5 stops. The Dragon has an easy 16 stops… without sweating.

Pre-production Stress and Five Unorthodox Strategies to Deal with It
| Ron Dawson | Dare Dreamer
Embrace denial. Forget the fact that you still have a million things to do and hardly any time to do it. So pop in a copy of The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, or Star Trek: The Next Generation. In my single days, I used to watch Pink Floyd’s The Wall whenever getting over a heart-break. That film works wonders for drowning your sorrows or stress. Or, you can write a blog post.

Bluefish444 Synapse Range of Mini Converters | Cinescopophilia
By choosing a setting it is possible to convert in real time between a range of industry formats such as 3G HD SDI, HDMI 1.3, Component, S-video, Composite, SDI Embedded Audio, Stereo Unbalanced Audio and AES/EBU digital audio.

top feature requests for After Effects in 2012 | Todd Kopriva | Adobe
I just spent some time going through all of the feature requests that we’ve received over the past year. This post consists of two parts: first, some notes about the feature requests from last year that we were able to incorporate into After Effects CS6 (including in some recent updates); second, a list of the top feature requests for this year, with some notes about each.
Comments on Top Feature Requests of 2012 | Steve Forde | Adobe
Therein lies the point.  Ae is strong because we continue to focus on its strength (animating / compositing elements and movement over time).  In fact, it’s why I believe that the applications could work even better together in the future vs. one application trying to become the other.  By taking this approach, Ae has a ton of innovation to offer in the future with the timeline being its core.

Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X | Larry Jordan | Larry's Blog
There are no new features in this version, 10.0.7, which is in keeping with other updates sequences from Apple. A major feature release is followed with a bug-fix release.While the update is free, I’ll probably wait a couple of days to make sure this doesn’t cause any new problems before updating my production systems. You can access the update via the Mac App Store.

Which cameras and settings are the most popular among Reuters reporters?
| Michal | motionVFX
It's still photographers, but still interesting breakdown of camera and lens usage:
If you wonder which DSLRs are usually used by Reuters reporters and what are the main settings, here are some pie charts that you might find extremely interesting and informative. You will not be surprised that professional photographers are not using an iPhone while doing their job (even though it can take amazingly good pictures), but it can be surprising that the Canon 5D Mark II is still so popular.

Help an Independent Movie Theater with Cinefamily's Digital Projection and Restoration Kickstarter | Joe Marine | No Film School
Small theaters face a real challenge with the shift to digital distribution. One is attempting to raise the funds through Kickstarter:
With everything going digital, these smaller theaters are starting to disappear unless they make serious monetary investments, and that’s exactly the situation that Cinefamily in Los Angeles is going through right now. Click through to check out their Kickstarter launch video

Why does “The Hobbit” look so weird? | ANDREW O'HEHIR | Salon
Another anti-48fps article:
Tastes vary, to be sure, and I have no doubt that some people will embrace the precise, knife-edged shadows, the uniform richness of detail and the startling depth of field, in which both the near foreground and the distant background appear in identical focus. But for me, at least, this cinematic innovation apparently meant to create an atmosphere of magic realism makes the whole thing look immensely more fake.

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