Monday, July 09, 2012

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NeedCreative Podcast Ep. 3 - It Was A Great 3 Minutes | Anticipate Media
A week after doing a three-minute film challenge, Paul, Ric, and friends get together to discuss the results of the project, as well as criticism from Steve Weiss of Zacuto - some people dream of being criticized by Steve Weiss:
In this third special episode Jason Sidelinger and Paul Antico talk with special guests DP/Director/Writers Rick Macomber, Matt Stapleton, Sean Meehan, and actress Nicole Trauffer about the first Boston Area "Under 3 Minute" Film Challenge organized by Paul and Rick

Editing “The Amazing Spider-Man” | Digital Production Buzz
An audio interview with editor Alan Edward Bell:
This time he’s back with stories of editing “The Amazing Spider-Man.” What’s it like working on a high-budget production? How does he organize his edit team? How does he determine the path from dailies to finished movie? How does he balance technology with story-telling? Alan is a great guest – be sure to listen in!

Steadicam Rickshaw first Test | Sam Morgan Moore | Vimeo
Some video's shot using a Steadicam on a home-built "Rickshaw" that is pulled by a bike. The first video shows the device at the end:
A very very quick first test of the Rickshaw am constructing
While the device has a hard mount for my Pilot I was using the Blackbird here
RickShaw, Test 4 | Vimeo

Testing your film with an audience, top five editorial mistakes you CAN FIX
| Chris Jones Blog
Some advice on how to take audience reaction to your masterpiece:
All those times in the cutting room when the director was saying ‘no, no, no, it’s a beautiful shot, let it breathe…’ will now haunt you. You will sit through this screening wishing every single edit came just fraction faster. In your head, you will be screaming ‘no, no, no stay awake because the next scene is really good…oh dear god, hurry up, hurry, hurry, hurry’. If the director is present at this screening, it maybe a wake up call but beware, it may lead to further denial – ‘they just don’t understand my art…’

| esperimentocinema
This appears to be an iPad app for controlling DaVinci Resolve:
Unleash the power of Davinci Resolve on your iPad! This is Esperimentocinema Davinci Resolve Layout for iPad. It allows to use the mac keyboard shortcuts of Resolve on your iPad, advanced playback functions and it can launch various tabs of Davinci Resolve, Render tab included. To control the color parameters, curves, etc. we suggest to use a pen tablet. A resolution of computer monitor of 1920x1200 is recommended to use all the functions of the layout.

Sony to produce first full frame DSLR with 1080/60p and EVF | Andrew Reid
Information on the video specs for the upcoming: Sony A99:
Sony’s new full frame DSLR features 1080p video in 24p and 60p – the first full frame DSLR to have the higher frame rate, which is very welcome for slow motion. Interestingly this DSLR is also able to record stills without interrupting video. A dual readout like that has only previously been seen on compact cameras which can output the entire sensor at up to 30fps.

Zoom Magazine | DigitalBolex
Another interview with the creators of the Digital Bolex:
We were interviewed just after NAB this year by ZOOM Magazine, which also featured us on the cover of their magazine! Their interview just posted…

Don Winslow on "Savages" | Billy Brennan | Filmmaker Magazine
An interview with writer Don Winslow:
Winslow: Sometimes I do an outline, but what I tend to find, even when I do, is somewhere around page 70, give-or-take, the character will do or say something that wasn’t in the outline; but it’s better. And then I go chase that, grab it for a while.

So I think, you know, if you back out of the driveway it’s probably a good idea to have some idea of where you want to go. But I don’t want to be married to that concept.

Customize Text in After Effects | Rob Mize | Creative COW
Rob Mize demonstrates a number of techniques to create your own unique text with After Effects. Learn how particles, masks and combinations of effects can be used to create and animate an unlimited library of text customizations... all without 3rd party plugs-ins.

Inspiration! 16 Impressive TV Show Opens & Main Titles | Danny Greer
| Premiumbeat
A collection of YouTube clips showing different title sequences:
The following innovative main title sequences present the theme of a television show in a totally unique and creative way. Use these show opens as inspiration for your own work!

What's New In Captivate 6 | Michael Murie | Changing Interactions
From my other blog on eLearning, some notes from a webinar on new features in Captivate 6. The latest rev supports new video capture and editing tools; though it's nothing like Premiere!
Previously, Captivate captured either only the changes that occurred onscreen – rather than the entire screen – or short sequences of real-time frames that were captured when the mouse was down. Now, Captivate will capture frames of video; you can even record video playing inside an app

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