Friday, December 02, 2011

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Jim Jannard’s(RED) thoughts on the Canon C300, Sony F65, Final Cut X, Etc.
| Aspect:Ratios News
Jim Jannard of RED posted some thoughts to the REDUser forum, but then there were deleted...but nothing is deleted on the Internet, and you can read them at the above link!
I'm not too sure I like his diagnosis of the world economy...
RED is about budget. If you can afford an EPIC… buy one. If not, buy a Scarlet. If you can’t afford a Scarlet… wait.

The world economy is headed for disaster. If you can’t afford a camera… don’t buy one. If you can’t make money on a camera… don’t buy one. Especially don’t buy one that isn’t upgradeable. Rent.

Don’t borrow money unless you have an immediate return.

The Sony NEX-FS100 and the First-Ever FS100 Lens Shootout | Shawn Lam
| EventDV Live
Shawn has put together a lens test with the NEX-FS100, using a variety of zoom lenses. Note, it appears you can only read it online using a Flash player:
And then there is image quality. I actually thought I would see a larger difference between the lenses, especially with the thirty year-old lenses that I tested. But because the Super35 sensor that Sony designed is specialized for HD video and not photos, it doesn't require lenses with a higher resolving power, as you would on a smaller sensor video camera or with full-frame photography.
[...] Of all the lenses that I tested, only three produced results that I would consider significantly different from the rest.
When it comes down to it, image quality is less of a concern than whether the lens is parfocal, constant aperture, and mechanical operation of the lens.
There's a video that goes with the article: EventDVLive Winter video

How To Shoot 4,000FPS Footage On a 60FPS Budget | Gizmodo
David HJ. Lindberg used his Canon 550D/T2i and the application Twixtor to slow video down with tremendous effect. Note: Twixtor can do amazing things; with certain types of footage. It doesn't work with everything!

Bloggie® Software Mac OS® X Lion (10.7) Update Now Available | Sony
If you have a Bloggie and are running Lion, there's a software update:
This update supports the following Sony Bloggie models:
  • Bloggie Touch™ 2Hr camera (MHS-TS10)
  • Bloggie Touch™ 4Hr camera (MHS-TS20)
  • Bloggie Entry camera (MHS-FS1)
  • Bloggie Duo camera (MHS-FS2)
  • Bloggie 3D camera (MHS-FS3)

This Canon Cinema EOS C300 Sings | Christopher Swainhart | Blog
An enthusiastic post about the C300, with a big "But" collects together a few different sources of information and muses on the camera, coming to the following conclusion:
After you are done you may agree with me that this is one fine camera, but it is priced about 10 grand past the “Honey, I swear I’ll make it up to you” limit. This Canon may sing, but it’s me that is singing the blues.

Digital Dividend – Why the digital revolution has yet to benefit independent film
| Mike Gubbins | movieScope
A look at the impact of the switch from film to digital distribution, and alternative exhibition:
One of the factors that may influence change is new forms of exhibition. We tend to see change through the prism of its effect on existing business, yet among the stories over the next year will be moves to show films in new venues. The industry standard governing D-cinema projection—the so-called DCI specification—both drives up costs and limits new business but low-cost projection of high quality is now more than possible and some distributors are taking an active interest.

EVF Scaling 2 | Steve Weiss [Zacuto] | Vimeo
Vide demonstrating the video modes for the Zacuto EVF.
A brief tutorial of the Zacuto EVF’s scaling menu with the release of firmware 2.00. Follow in-depth descriptions of the EVF’s auto playback, format presets, user presets and overscan functions.

B&H Unboxing Contest | Facebook
B & H has a competition (prize a Canon 5D Mark II). Contest runs through January 2, 2012:
Contest Instructions
1) Capture a short video of a B&H package being unboxed. Keep it simple! Use any video capture device!
2.) Enter the contest and upload your video!
3.) Share with your friends!

Made With After Effects Competition | Motion.TV
A competition for all those who are good with After Effects, to win....After Effects:
three easy steps:
1) upload your 5-minute or less piece to the Vimeo group by midnight on Monday, December 12, 2011
2) fill out our online entry form, providing a link to your piece on our Vimeo group
3) attach your After Effects project file to the entry form (so we can verify it was made in After Effects)

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