Thursday, December 01, 2011

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Documentary Shooter Pierre Deschamps Talks About His Work And Using The New Canon C300 | Pierre Deschamps | DSLR News Shooter
Pierre got to spend a day with the C300 and use it as a documentary shooter:
My interest was in getting specific answers as a documentary shooter. I was on my own for a day. I wanted to see how this camera would react on a shoot. Would it fit my one-man configuration in my future projects. Would I be able to work with this camera and combine it with a lightweight rig and would all the technical stuff work flawlessly?

Picking the Path of an Independent Contractor vs. Studio | Ron Dawson | Planet5D
First article in what appears to be an ongoing series on working in the video/film industry:
One question you need to ask and answer is, “What kind of business do I want to start? Do I want to primarily be a ‘gun for hire,’ or build a studio?” Over the next couple of weeks, I want to address the path of the independent contractor (“IC”). This is the person who determines he or she would prefer to work for other studios, larger companies, or ad agencies as a single individual vs. building a studio with a team, extended services, leasing studio space, etc. This week I’ll address things to consider when starting out, as well as some links to successful ICs. Next week I’ll address branding. How do you see YOU as a brand.

First Look: ARRI L7 LED Fresnel Lights | Mitch Gross | AbelCine
ARRI's LED Fresnel lights look really cool; unfortunately they are expensive (from just under $2,000 to up to $2,500)
ARRI’s latest lighting innovation is the L7 series of LED-based Fresnels. The line is made up of three fixtures: the L7-T (3200K tungsten-balanced), the L7-D (5400K daylight-balanced), and the L7-C (color-controllable). The L7-C can be adjusted from 2700K-10000K, with an additional green/magenta control. It also features a “Hue Mode” for theatrical color effects.

How to Fix a Shaky Camera | Richard Harrington | Blog
Demo video on how to use the WarpStabilizer in After Effects.

How To Build A Beautiful Camera Stabilizer | DIY Photography
Instructions and video showing how to build a simple, and quite sophisticated looking camera stabilizer; some metal work required!

Rocking the RC Heli | Vincent Laforet | Blog
Vincent gives a shout-out to the people that did the opening and closing shot for his film "Mobius"
The best compliment I can pay Tabb is that he and gimble operator Hugh Bell (the gimble is the pan/tilt/roll head at the front of the RC [one person controls the helo and the other the camera for obvious reasons]) are responsible for both the opening and closing shot of "Mobius." We had a very tight schedule and I was pretty slammed during that production. I gave both of them several notes on what shots I was looking for in terms of aerial coverage of the scene and had to run over to work w/ the actors with the main unit. Tabb and Hugh did such a perfect job that they earned BOTH the opening and closing shot of the film.

Q&A: Who Gets Credit For A Screenplay? And What’s the Deal With the Ampersands and Ands? | Peter Sciretta | Slashfilm
Ever wondered how credit is apportioned? Here's the explanation (and it's much more complicated than this explanation):
The word AND is used when two screenwriters worked separately, and the ampersand (&) is used when screenwriters worked as a team.

2012 Filmmaker Workshop Tour [Australia/New Zealand] | Rode
Rode is bringing Philip Bloom to Australia and New Zealand next year:
The day-long workshops will focus on both DSLR and the latest large-chip camcorders, and include a dedicated audio segment with Australian sound icon Ric Creaser.

There will be prize packs and give aways at each session, as well as the opportunity to meet with and learn from the experiences of two highly respected creatives. For a limited time, early bird tickets will be $120, increasing to $170 after December 31st. Select your city below and book now!

5D Mark III Information [CR1] | CanonRumors
Now that the C300 has been announced, it's time for the 5D MkIII rumors to start up again! Very few details though..

NPPA Seeks Repeal of D.C. Regulations Limiting Street Photography | NPPA
Regulations against street photography in D.C.:
Specifically, §24-521.1, states “No person, firm, or corporation shall engage in the business of taking photographs of any person or persons upon the streets, sidewalks, or other public spaces of the District of Columbia, for profit or gain, without first having obtained a license to do so from the Mayor (emphasis added). Section 24-522.1, states “No individual not licensed under §521 shall take a photograph of any person or persons, for either direct or indirect profit or gain, upon any of the streets, sidewalks, or other public spaces of the District of Columbia persons, without first having obtained a license to do so from the Mayor as provided in this section” (emphasis added).

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