Saturday, June 11, 2011

Story vs. Gear

Vincent Laforet has been playing with the RED Epic, and has been posting about the experience. It seems pretty clear that, at least in this case, he thinks this gear does make a decisive change in the way you capture stories both because of the ability to capture high quality stills from a sequence:
...this camera has made me think A LOT. And ask a lot of "big" questions… such as: "Does the challenge of capturing "THE DECISIVE MOMENT" still exist when you can capture a 14 megapixel image at 120 frames per second? " For someone who idolized Henri Cartier Bresson and worked on mastering the capture of that "decisive moment" for most of my career – it is not a question I ask lightly. "Are the days of the "still camera" numbered?"
as well as the HDR capabilities, and looking towards future needs:
So why 5K some of you may ask? Well for one, it’s "future proof" – or we can expect it to be high enough resolution to look good on displays for years to come. It’s also exciting to know that with a camera that is not much larger than a Hasselblad H4D – you can have your footage projected on any silver screen in the world.
Pity I can't afford one. But I guess in another ten years, we'll all have video cameras that do 5K.
Vincent Laforet: What camera did I use to make this still picture?
Vincent Laforet: RED Epic – 5K and HDRx

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AnticipateMedia said...

I do believe in 5-10 years Red tech will filter down into the 5K range (or lower!). But that's closer to 10 years.

We will be laughing at what we think is incredible today, but as long as the distribution target is 1080p (for most media except major motion pictures that can use the higher res for that extra level of "crispness", HD or 2K cameras will do just fine.

That said, f-ck is that Red Epic nice.