Thursday, June 09, 2011

Final Cut Pro X: Post of the day

There had been a number of people saying that Final Cut Pro X would ship today (though I was never able to find out where that date came from.) Unfortunately, so far there's no sign of it.

Projecting a release date is a tricky business; do you go based on dates/days that Apple has previously announced/shipped things? Will Apple slip it out quietly in the night, or will they roll it out at some kind of event?

I can't help thinking that with something as momentous as they seem to think Final Cut Pro X is, that Apple wouldn't miss a chance to do some kind of public event. The upcoming SuperMeet in London would have been a good place; except it's in London. Perhaps they will just slip it out, and then make the rounds of different shows and user groups?

Fevered Dreams
Scott Blaszak had a dream that he got to see Final Cut Pro X with a bunch of famous directors:
It was an intense session. James Cameron demanded to know how FCP would handle a 3D workflow. Quentin Tarrantino was concerned with blood-spatter effects. David Lynch wanted a guaranteed the new suite would support a third-party plugin that creates impressionist nightmares.
Unfortunately, he can't remember any other details: FCPX -- Into The Beast

Analyzing The Screen Grabs
Those screen grabs that were posted yesterday (and then removed from TwitPic, but are available at AppleInsider and other sites) have prompted some discussion. takes apart one of the screens and wonders if we'll be able to build own own transitions in Motion. FCPX and Motion 5 or X - Analysing the screengrabs. Will we be able to build our own custom effects and transitions?

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