Sunday, May 15, 2011

Virtual NAB

I checked out the Virtual NAB show today, and it was everything I feared it would be; a collection of videos and materials you might expect to find on the web anyway, a few interactive chats, and not much else.

Perhaps most disappointing was that there were only eight companies represented, the two most interesting were Canon and AJA, and Canon didn't really announce anything that exciting at NAB anyway. No Sony, no Redrock or Zacuto. No Panasonic. Now if one of those had been represented, I might have had some questions for them!

Most of the time, company reps only answer pretty obvious questions anyway; by the time a product has been out for two months, any question the company is willing to answer has already been answered somewhere on the web!

I don't think "Virtual Trade Shows" are going to catch on; not if they continue to be as pointless as this was. NAB Virtual Show

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