Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stability problems with Premiere CS 5.0?

At one of the sessions at the MIT Media in Translation conference, one of the speakers said that several people he knew who had switched to Premiere when 5.0 came out, were moving away from it due to problems with stability; long project load times, and random crashes.

The comment was made almost in passing, but I was rather surprised as I hadn't heard any reports of problems with Premiere 5.0.

I queried the speaker, and he said that what he'd heard might be considered anecdotal, but several people he knew had become frustrated enough with Premiere to stop using it.

So; Premiere 5.0 users? Problems? No problems? I'd be interested to hear.

Todd Kopriva from Adobe posted a comment noting that users should install the three updates they've issued for improved stability:

Adobe: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 (5.0.3) update: performance improvements, bug fixes, and Quadro 5000M and 4000 CUDA support]

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Todd Kopriva said...

There were problems. That's why we issued three updates full of bug fixes:

Things tend to work very well when people apply the recent updates.