Sunday, April 24, 2011

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Migrating from Google Video
Last week Google sent out emails to users of Google Video, notifying them that the site was being shut down and that content should be downloaded before access was terminated on APril 29th. Now Google has changed their minds and announced that they are working towards migrating the content on Google Video to YouTube.
Google Video users can rest assured that they won't be losing any of their content and we are eliminating the April 29 deadline. We will be working to automatically migrate your Google Videos to YouTube. In the meantime, your videos hosted on Google Video will remain accessible on the web and existing links to Google Videos will remain accessible. If you want to migrate to YouTube now, here’s how you do it...
Google: An update on Google Video; Finding an easier way to migrate Google Video content to YouTube

LTO Tape backup
Shane Ross searched NAB for some form of inexpensive backup, and found the expensive CACHE-A and the slightly cheaper BRU, by the Tolis Group.
I know I’m not going into every detail of both options…for that you need to go to the links provided and dive in. Now, I’m off to try to convince a couple small companies that BRU is the way to go for them. And tell the BIG company that I know was looking, about CACHE-A. And start saving up for a BRU system myself. If I drop a drive, I’m hosed. Drop a tape? No problem.
LittleFrogInHighDef: Inexpensive Archiving For Tapeless Media

Comparing the PMW-F3, NEX-FS100 and AG-AF100
He already owns a Panasonic AG-AF100, just bought a Sony PMW-F3, and will be getting a loan of the Sony NEX-FS100 "this week", and now Philip Bloom is promising to do a comparison; and is inviting readers to submit their questions.
PhilipBloom: Upcoming F3 vs FS100 vs AF100

NAB Wrapups
  • Oli Laperal at Film And Digital Times writes up his reflections of NAB, covering everything from Sony and ARRI's cameras to the Blackmagic Design Hyperdeck Shuttle. Also includes a photo of the RED Epic interchangeable Optical Low Pass and ND filters. FilmAndDigitalTimes: Oli at NAB 2011

  • Alexis van Hurkman has also written an in-depth report of his experiences, which have a decided color orientation, covering products from DaVince, Quantel, Filmlight, Assimilate and Divergent Media. Looking Back at NAB 2011

  • Anthony Artis at Down & Dirty DV provides his "Best of Show" list, including the Sony HXR-NX70U, Sound Devices PIX 220 & 240 Digital Video Recorder, the Sony HXR-NX3D1U 3-D Camera, the Go Pro Hero Cam LCD BacPac and 3D System and the Cam Caddie Tabie iPad Tripod Mount. Ant's NAB 2011 - Best of the Show Floor

  • Avid Media Composer
    Oliver Peters reviews the latest release of Avid Media Composer, and finds a solid update with some useful new features, especially the PhraseFind feature:
    This is a dialogue search tool based on phonetic analysis of the audio tracks. It’s similar to AV3 Software’s Get application, since both are powered by the Nexedia dialogue search engine. The big difference is that Get works outside of an NLE, whereas PhraseFind is directly integrated into Media Composer’s interface as part of the newly enhanced Find tool.
    DigitalFilms: Avid Media Composer 5.5

  • Zeiss ZF.2 Lenses
    Nathaniel Hansen just finished shooting a documentary - The Elders - and he writes about the experience, and the lenses he used - the Zeiss ZF.2 series lenses. This "review" talks about the methods he uses for shooting, and is worth reading even if you aren't looking for information about Zeiss lenses.
    And if you are thinking of buying Zeiss lenses, an interesting thing to remember is that the Zeiss ZF.2 lenses have the same optics as their CP.2 (Compact Prime) lenses, at about half the price; the CP.2 lenses add a “cine” exterior (markings, follow focus grips, stopless physical aperture rings, etc) Zeiss ZF.2 Lenses Take Low Budget Feature Documentary to the Next Level

  • Atomos Ninja
    Christina Fox at UrbanFox.TV does an in-depth review of the Atomos Ninja digital recorder; in particular she explores how it works with different cameras and warns of the problems for many DSLR users.

    The Ninja is a well built and easy to use device. It has evolved since we first saw it at IBC2010 and Atomos has obviously listened to feedback from potential customers. If you have a Pro camera with HD-SDI you may want to wait for the Samurai. But if your camera has HDMI output this is a cost effective way to back up your video on the fly at a higher quality than your removable flash media.
    UrbanFox.TV: Atomos Ninja Review

  • Halo Rig Camera Stabilizer
    Peter Bohush reviews the Halo Rig camera stabilizer, a circular rig that resembles the Manfrotto Fig Rig, but costs about $170.
    The Halo Rig can probably facilitate any kind of hand-held move that a Steadicam can, with the exception of running full speed, which would be awkward holding the Halo Rig out in front. Not impossible, but it would require some skill.
    NewEnglandFilm: Going Steady with the Halo Rig HD

The best camera is the camera you have with you...

Filmmaker Spike Lee uses his iPad to photograph President Barack Obama as he greets guests at the National Action Network's Keepers of the Dream awards gala in New York, N.Y., April 6, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

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Am I able to access YouTube on my iPad? I just bought a ipad tripod mount and I want to access videos online, but I can't find the app for YouTube. I had it on my iPod touch, so you would think it would be on the iPad...