Tuesday, March 08, 2011

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How Digital Acquisition Is Still Changing Editing
Michael Miller at the Filmmaker's Diary writes about editing Josh Radnor’s happythankyoumoreplease. Michael notes that having shed the cost limitations of film, Josh recorded the entire rehearsal process as one long take, which meant that the classical meaning of the word "take" was lost.
Ironically, this directing breakthrough was first presented to me as a descent into lunacy.  Phoning me from the film’s New York location, one of our producers exclaimed, with great consternation, “You’re gonna get a 40 minute take in tomorrow’s dailies!  For a two minute
Miller saw this as an opportunity:
...with sound and image being recorded non-stop, unrehearsed moments of brilliance were never lost.
FilmmakersDiary: happythankyoumoreplease

Mastering Film
Focal Press produces a lot of books about video and movie production, and now they've set up a website devoted to the subject, with a collection of short articles from various authors.

In one such article, Mark Sawicki advocates for the art of Cinematography:
Camerawork is so much more than so called “product acquisition.”  Cinematography is an art form and the foundation of the magic we call the movies.
MasteringFilmA Plea to Preserving the Art of Cinematography

The Good And The Bad of iPad 2
Taz Goldstein at HandHeldHollywood looks at the good and the bad of the iPad 2 for film makers.

Personally, the disappointing thing is that even with iMovie for iPad you won't be able to edit video shot with DSLRs or AVCHD camcorders on your iPad - this is assuming that iMovie for iPad doesn't support importing these file formats since the iPad doesn't support playing these formats natively.
HandHeldHollywoodIPad 2: Good And Bad News For Mobile Filmmakers

Panasonic AG-AF100 Sensor Flare
Some people seem to think the AG-AF100 suffers from sensor flare; or more accurately, that it can be worse than on other cameras:
Yes, we do understand that DSLR’s and other HD large sensor cameras show that phenomenon too – please don’t call us names. We never stated otherwise, read our original post carefully. What we do state however is that this phenomenon is much more visible in AF100. We think it can be a problem.
Now I've seen a lot of conspiracy theories and concern trolls pop-up on forums, but interestingly, this subject - and/or the people promoting the issue - seem to have provoked some serious backlash. The DVXUser forum banned some people, and deleted a thread for "spreading FUD," while others have responded with blog posts.

And now there's a blog dedicated to the subject.

NOTE: I haven't seen the original thread and I have absolutely no opinion on this subject.

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