Tuesday, October 12, 2010

News from Here & There

Is HDSLR Dead?
Does the arrival of large sensor video cameras like the Panasonic AG-AF100 mean the end of the HDSLR's days? Frank Glencairn, and a few others seem to think so:
Okay, this is it. VDSLR is dead. It was cool, it was fun, it was great but it was also a major pain in the ass. It´s over. Panasonic came out with the AF100 at IBC and then there is Sony and the Scarlet soon.
I think is may be a bit too soon to start the funeral procession. For those on a budget cameras like the Canon T2i will remain attractive. For TV and film, I get the feeling that many have been using the HDSLR's more for their small size than because they think they are saving money.

I think the AG-AF100 will go after the RED market, and probably the wedding market.
Frank Glencairn: VDSLR - R.I.P.
HDWarrior: Frank Glencairn talks about the demise of the VDSLR

5 Big Misconceptions About Online Video
Under30CEO lists five misconceptions about online video including: “Your video(s) have to be short.” An interesting list, but it may be too superficial; are his examples the exception that proves the rule? I'd be wary of comparing TED Talks to the average video.
Under30CEO: 5 Big Misconceptions About Online Video

Do-It-Yourself Monitor Sunshade
Dave Rilstone at Digital Nature Photography blog explains how he built a sunhood for his 7" Marshall monitor.
Digital Nature Photography: Sunhood on the cheap!

4K at Sony
4k? Didn't we just all go HD? Is 4K next? Canon was showing a 4K camera (demo only) back at their recent New York Expo, and now Film Journal has an article about Sony's work in 4K.
Film Journal: 4K goes mainstream: Behind the scenes at Sony headquarters in Japan

Compressing for Vimeo
If you're like me, you've probably come up with your own list of settings for preparing a video for YouTube or Vimeo, but here's Vimeo's official list of suggested settings:
Vimeo: Compression Guidelines

Jason Bourne and Matt Demon won't be in fourth Bourne movie
Then it's not a Bourne movie, is it?
FilmSchoolRejects: Fourth Bourne Film Will Not Feature Jason Bourne, Matt Damon, Or A Reason To Be

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