Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More on the death of HDSLR

Something tells me we are going to get lot of these articles over the next couple of months as the Panasonic AG-AF100 trickles out and gets put through it's paces; does a true video camera with a large sensor kill the video DSLR?

Stu Maschwitz at ProLost blog takes his own stab at this, looking at the promise of the AG-AF100; the shallow DOF and a chip that doesn't have the aliasing problems found in current DSLRs. But then he looks at some of the more esoteric issues, and also ponders the comparatively slow lenses that Panasonic seems to plan to offer (slower lenses don't have as large an aperture, so the DOF isn't as shallow with these lenses.)

So at long last, here’s the thing about the AF100. It’s the sensible solution. But we might not want to grow up and use it. It’s a compromise. Its sensor is slightly smaller than that of the 7D, which you may recall I also weighed in this sex appeal equation, and determined that it just barely passed. Meanwhile, in this corner, the AF100 — smaller sensor, slower lenses, a $5,000 invite to the “buy a bunch of new lenses” club.

ProLost; Do You Want to be a Grown Up?

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