Monday, December 20, 2010

FXFactory Update 2.5.3, plus PHYX Stylist

Noise Industries has released a free update to FxFactory, 2.5.3. This update adds two new effects; an Analog TV filter which adds scan lines, distortion and the curve of an analog tube TV to footage, while the Channel Switch transition emulates a channel switch on an analog TV.

PHYX Stylist is a new set of filter effects that includes Skin Light (for adjusting skin tones) as well as Fog Generator, Cathode Ray (emulates night vision, old or damaged televisions and electronic rifle scopes), Haze Removal and Sparkle Star (photographic star filter)

All work with After Effects, Final Cut, Final Cut Express and Motion.

Video demos: Analog TV, Channel Switch & PHYX Stylist.
Noise Industries

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