Saturday, November 27, 2010

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Sony PMX-F3 compared to Panasonic AG-AF100
Dylan Reeve at gives his opinion on the Sony F3 vs the Panasonic AF100.
Both cameras a quite different. While there is a significant commonality in their markets it’s clear that Sony is aiming for slightly higher-end buyers than Panasonic and will get them in with features like Dual-Link SDI and S-Log colour. Out of the box both cameras are going to be pretty similar, the differences really come in how far you can take them – the Sony PMW-F3 can be extended to deliver much higher quality video signals, than Panasonic, but that flexability comes at a premium price. Sony F3 vs Panasonic AF100

All The Reasons To Get A Panasonic AG-AF100
Over at dvxuser, Barry Green lists all the things the AF100 does that a Canon DSLR doesn't, including:
  • Clean monitoring at full 1920x1080 resolution, suitable for recording to an external recorder
  • Clean HDMI output at full resolution even during recording, suitable for recording
  • Professional HD-SDI output
  • 1080/24pSf output
  • A composite video output jack
But does it give you change from $4,750?!
dvxuser: AF-100 Another DSLR $9,000 4:2:0 is a solution?

YouTube vs Vimeo
Vincent Rozenberg compares YouTube and Vimeo, and decides he likes YouTube for a number of reasons, including:
If you open the downloaded video’s (720p version) in QuickTime you find out that YouTube uses a bit rate of 2.783,02 kbit/s and Vimeo 2.158,00 kbit/s.
vincentrozenberg: 5 reasons why Youtube is better than Vimeo

Switching to Premiere Pro Episode 02 - Keyboard Shortcuts
Editor Kevin Monahan and Karl Soule from Adobe discuss using keyboard shortcuts for faster editing, and the best way of merging the shortcuts you know and love in FCP into a Premiere Pro workflow.

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