Wednesday, November 24, 2010

News From Here & There

Redrocks new Running Man Nano reviewed
Matthew Jonas at Small Town Photojournalism takes a look at this new light, low-cost rig from Redrock. Liking the quality, price and lightness of the rig, he thinks it's great for those that want something small and portable to stabilize their camera whether shooting video or stills:
It’s lightweight. When I am working I usually carry at least 2 camera bodies each with a lens and a waist pack with extra batteries, a strobe (or 2), memory cards and audio gathering equipment. The last thing I need is another heavy piece of equipment on my shoulder. The Running Man weighs basically the same as another short lens.
He has a bunch of close up pictures of the rig too. The Nano is just $439.95 at B & H.
Small Town Photojournalism: Redrock Micro: Running Man Nano DSLR Rig Review

Sony NXCAM 35mm and PMX-F3 pics
Jon Fauer at Film and Digital Times has put up several pictures of the new PMX-F3 and NXCAM 35mm prototypes taken at InterBEE.

How close will the final cameras match these prototypes? The PMW-F3 is probably pretty close given that it's supposed to ship in about three months, and they are already letting people shoot with it. The NXCAM 35mm on the other hand is six or more months away, so may differ significantly from the prototype. Several people have expressed reservations about the body shape being too square.
Film and Digital Time: Sony F3 and NXCAM 35 at InterBEE Japan

Panasonic GH2 delayed
Oh no! Seems that shipments of the Panasonic GH2 are being delayed.
43rumors: Panasonic GH2 US shipment by mid December only. Amazon deleting the black GH2 preoders?

3D Must Go On
Panasonic reports that the Oceanic Preservation Society has acquired two AG-3DA1 3D cameras to support production of its next feature documentary, The Singing Planet.
Videography: Oceanic Preservation Society's Team Buys Panasonic AG-3DA1 Full HD 3D Camcorders for Documentary Venture

Meanwhile, though it got hardly any press coverage, Sony did show a twin-lens 3D ENG camera at InterBee.
Cinescopophilia: Sony Twin Lens Shoulder Mount 3D ENG Camera

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