Saturday, November 13, 2010

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Panasonic AG-AF100
Philip Bloom has updated his blog about his experiences with the prototype Panasonic AG-AF100/101. He likes the video camera characteristics it offers; very little moire, ND filters, things like that, though noted that there was still a little rolling shutter and he didn't like the viewfinder:
Coming from the EX3 with it’s awesome viewfinder and using a Zacuto Z-Finder on my Canons, looking in the EVF was like looking at a small screen at the end of tunnel. There was no way I could get focus with it. Too damn hard. I have no idea what the resolution is of it but if it was magnified it would be a lot easier to use.
He still plans to get one...
PhilipBloom: 3 days in Japan with the Panasonic AF100/101

Noise Reduction
El Skid takes a look at Magic Bullet's De-Noiser plug-in:
...You can clearly see how the noise reduction creates a more caramel like image and if you watch the Nissan video you can see the footage has a very peculiar shiny plastic feel to it. That’s the trade off. It’ll look clean, but it’ll look a bit weird and it’s really up to you how far you want to push it. I usually set the mix to between 60-70% and that seems to give me a decent compromise. 

TheWrap Interviews Inception, Batman Cinematographer Wally Pfister

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