Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Why Canon doesn't update their firmware...

WHO: A Canon rep
WHERE: Rodney Charters talk at the Boston SuperMeet
WHAT: In answer to a question about why firmware wasn't updated more frequently

There’s only so many guys in Japan that actually write our firmware. So it’s not like there’s a team of 200 people and we just send them a request and they say “Oh, no problem, we’ll have that to you tomorrow.”

When we send a request they say “Okay, well do you want the 1D Mark IV or do you want the firmware update for this?” and we said “mmm wow. Really? That’s what it’s gonna be like that?”

So there are times like that where they have to prioritize what they are doing, and sometimes the product cycle interferes with firmware updates.

The other part is, the more feedback you give us, the more they say “well we need to do this,” so you just keep screaming about it.

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[UPDATE: It seems that Canon isn't the only company with this problem: AppleInsider: Apple's iTunes Remote app was developed by one person - report]

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