Wednesday, August 04, 2010

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Hand-on with the Panasonic consumer 3D camera
Camcorderinfo got their hands on Panasonic's upcoming consumer 3D video camera, and put it through it's paces. While the 3D lens is detachable, it will only work with this camcorder, and you have to go through some calibration when you attach it:

Calibrating the conversion lens is a tricky 3-step process, but the camcorder's menu gives a good amount of detail each step of the way. Even if you have a lot of experience with video, however, calibrating the 3D conversion lens is going to be a unique experience. You'll definitely need to do it a few times before you can really get the hang of it and figure out the best calibration for capturing 3D content.

Also, in 3D mode, you have to shoot in full automatic mode - you have no control over zoom or focus - and you need a lot of light (the minimum illumination is listed at 28 lux, and that might be optimistic.) Finally, anything further away than 4m won't have any 3D effect.

The 3D conversion lens

Still, they found that it was capable of capturing excellent 3D images; they are just not too sure if people will want to do it.

My suspicion is that they will sell quite a lot of these because a) the cost is comparatively low and b) it can still be used as a regular camcorder. I'n guessing that a lot of people will buy one, shoot a little bit in 3D and then detach the lens and never use it again...and ten or fifteen years from now enthusiasts will be searching garage sales and ebay listings to get their hands on them Hands-on Review of the World's First 3D Consumer Camcorder: The Panasonic HDC-SDT750

Panasonic AG-AF101 4/3” HD camcorder to rollout at IBC
The rollout of large sensor video cameras in the consumer/pro-sumers space continues. Sony has already announced the NEX-VG10, and Panasonic has said they have a camera coming too. The HD Warrior site reports that Panasonic will use IBC 2010 in September to rollout the new AG-AF101 4/3" camcorder, though it's unclear that this means it will be actually shipping in September.
HDWarrior: Panasonic to launch the AF101 at IBC 2010

Summer Warning: iPhones aren't water-proof
A non-video related story, but in the past two weeks two people I know have had problems when they took their iPhone swimming (accidentally.) i.e. iPhones aren't waterproof. And neither the warranty or AppleCare will cover you!
So be careful out there by the pool with your smart phone!

Pixar exhibition @ the Oakland Museum of California
Running from July 31 - January 9, 2011, PIXAR: 25 Years of Animation...provides an unprecedented look at the renowned Emeryville-based studio (located just a few miles from OMCA) and showcases the creative work behind its wildly successful computer-animated films.
Oakland Museum

Write your screenplay in 10 minutes a day
Sometimes getting things done means setting deadlines and making plans. Sometimes it means just slogging through it, and sometimes it means setting aside a small amount of time each day....and keeping at it.
Pilar Alessandra recommends the latter approach. Write Your Screenplay in 10 Minutes a Day

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