Thursday, July 08, 2010

News from Here & There

JAG35 Shoulder Rig Review
Ron Risman at CameraTown does a full review of the JAG35 Full Shoulder Rig. This rig is being sold primarily into the DSLR market, though it could also be used with traditional video cameras, and at $649, it is one of the best deals around. Ron's been using the rig for a couple of weeks, and has produced a very indepth review:
For me, the biggest advantage of any rod-based shoulder rig is the flexibility they offer, and the JAG35 allowed me the flexibility to conjure up configurations that made my shooting workflow so much easier. Yes, there are plenty of shoulder rigs on the market that use industry standard rods, but JAG35 has brought a quality rig into a price range that is much more palatable for many of us.
Cameratown: JAG35 Full Shoulder Rig For HDSLR's
JAG35: Full Shoulder Rig

Crowdsourced Movies
There seems to be at least a couple of attempts at crowdsourced movies (think of them as web-based video "Day in the Life" projects.)
YouTube is running a "Life in a Day" project on July 24th, while One Day On Earth seems to be doing a similar thing on October 10th (that's 10.10.10)
YouTube: Life in a Day
OneDayOnEarth: Help Document the World's Story on 10.10.10

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