Monday, February 22, 2010

Some un-video news

Sony pushing for consumer 3D cameras
Put this under the category of "hardly surprising," but DP Review is reporting that Masashi ‘Tiger’ Imamura, President of Sony’s Personal Imaging and Sound Business group told them Sony is pushing to produce a 3D digital camera.

A still camera? A video camera? Consumer or professional? Nobody knows...I'm just hoping that if I lie down, this whole 3D thing will blow over...

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV review
DP Review also has it's full review up for the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV. Interestingly, they aren't too happy about it's video functionality. While they say "the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV offers Canon's most sophisticated implementation to date," the video formats the camera supports seem to be the same as those of the Canon 7D. Worse, the EOS-1D lacks the dedicated video mode button of the 7D and functions more like the 5D Mark III. To shoot video you first go to Settings to set up the Live View mode:
Once this is done, activating Live View primes the camera to shoot video, and filming commences when the FEL button is pressed (you can set up FEL to both start Live View and movie recording but again, only if you have live view set to movie mode).

This two-stage system is oddly labor-intensive compared to the EOS 7D, and can inevitably result in lost video opportunities if you happen to have the camera set to the wrong Live View mode at a crucial moment. It seems likely that Canon wanted to maintain as close to ergonomic parity with the EOS 1D Mark III as possible, but we can't help thinking that this is a missed opportunity to make video shooting easier.
I would note that I don't know why anyone would buy this camera if their primary purpose is to shoot video. They'd be better off buying the 7D (or even the T2i!) The 1D Mark IV might do slightly better in low light than the 7D, but you're really paying for that.

SanDisk Ships 64GB SDXC card
Just in time for the CanonRebel T2i, SanDisk has announced a 64GB SDXC card. Yours for $349.99 - Ouch!

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