Monday, December 07, 2009

Underwater Cameras: annoying addition

VholdR has just announced an underwater case for their Contour camera which costs $39.99 and should be available in December (though not yet, and it's not listed at Amazon!)

It's looks good, with an operating depth up to 10 meters, and power and record switches. The only downer for me is I just spent $160 a month ago for an enclosure for my Sony camera. BUT, it's not all bad news as the Sony does give you - limited - viewing of the LCD screen, and an operational zoom button.

Still if you have a Contour camera, the waterproof case looks like a good investment.

They also have a new Handle Bar Mount for $29.99, and a Lens Kit for $29.99 which provides extra lens covers and a replacement Lens Ring. There's also a Lens Adaptor Ring that lets you add a standard 37mm lens filter to the camera. Check they're accessory page, though note that buying only a few of these can start adding considerably to the original cost of the camera.

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