Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Can-Do Film Festival

I'm loath to write about this as I'm not a fan of "competitions" and "festivals" that have high entrance fees; I secretly suspect that they are just ways to make money from the entrants. At $40 per entry, the Can-Do Festival and Competition is enough to get me concerned because:

1) Though there's mention of a BluRay "projected at a major media event" there's little information about what the festival part actually is.

2) You'd be forgiven if you thought the event was sponsored by Canon: the Canon logo is the only graphic logo - in a fairly prominent place - on every page, there's a direct link from one tab to a Canon web page, and there's a reference to Canon Inc where it says "Canon Inc and RAWworks prizes", which can be taken to mean Canon Inc is involved, but could also simply be a reference to the make of the prizes.

3) Other than the judges, there's no information about who actually is organizing this event.

[UPDATE 12/11]: they have replaced most of the Canon icons with their own Can Do icon. Also, it's been pointed out that the website pages all have © LumaForge at the bottom, which is the company behind RAWworks, so it seems that they are the primary competition organizer/sponsor.

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