Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sony's "The New Economics of HD" Online Expo

Sony has an online HD Expo, which went live today. It runs live all day - there are Sony people hanging out in the chats, so there's some value to popping in today if you have questions! The demo videos etc., will evidently remain available until March.

There's some interesting prerecorded lectures, including one on the just announced NXCAM:

  • PDW-F800 and PMW-EX1: Battle Proven in Afghanistan (Run Time 16:45)
  • Basics of Professional Blu-ray Encoding and Authoring: Part 1 (Run Time 54:21)
  • Broadcast Fundamentals Part 1: Nomenclature, Basic Color Theory, the new xvYCC Color format, Film & Frame Rate Basics, Progressive vs. Interlaced Display (Run Time 44:02)
  • Broadcast Fundamentals Part 4: Video Compression Basics (Run Time 45:53)
  • Brooke Rudnick, Event Videographer, on Sony's UWP Microphone System (Run Time 10:31)
  • Sneak Peek at Sony's NeXt Affordable Professional HD Camcorder (Run Time 9:13)

Dusty EX1
Thierry Humeau, talks about documenting the war in Afghanistan
with a PDW-F800 and PMW-EX1

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