Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Engadget & Gizmodo Camera Reviews

Engadget's video producer, Chad Mumm, provides his impressions of the Canon 7D for video work. He does a pretty good job of listing all the drawbacks (audio, 12 minute recording limitation, etc.,) and notes a concern about over-heating.

There's nothing new here if you have been following the 7D, but I really like his summary, which is pretty much how I'd describe the camera to someone:

We like to think of the 7D as another very specific tool in our arsenal. [...] there is a time and a place for this camera. If we're running around shooting a mile-a-minute, we're still going to reach for our trusty HD camcorder.

Meanwhile, Gizmodo does a comparison of some low-budget cameras, and crowns the Flip Ultra HD the winner, the Flip Mino HD losing because of price and the "lousy touch controls."

Most interesting of all, the recently released JVC Picsio GC-FM1 really scored low, with a rating of: sucked.

It's spectacularly ugly (think Ed Hardy-inspired) and cheap-feeling, with a confusing button layout (unforgivable in a pocket cam) and a high price ($200, or $178 at Amazon). Besides all that, it scored poorly in every one of our tests. Avoid.

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