Thursday, October 23, 2008

October 23

Apple TV

  • I bought an episode of Top Gear last night just to see what it was like. I would have bought the whole season, but that takes up 5GB, and I just don't have that much free space on my iBook right now (ouch!) A one hour episode is 546MB. Quality; well it's certainly acceptable, but not as good as a DVD

  • It turns out that while I can synch (i.e. copy) content from one iTunes library, I can also stream another iTunes library. Which means that maybe I'll buy Top Gear on the other computer...the only problem is that the computer has to be on to stream...

  • Looks like 1280 x 720 @ 30 fps doesn't work. I made a test movie, and Apple TV didn't like it. I have to remake the movie at 24fps just to confirm that's the issue, and I didn"t mess something else up!

Sony HDR-FX7

Sony dropped the price on the HDR-FX7 by a grand; it's now $1,999. Right now B & H lists the new price as $1,999, and the used price is $2,199!

I have - and like - the HDR-FX1. Unfortunately, camcorderinfo didn't like it nearly as much, preferring the Canon XH-A1:
...the XH A1 offers a great deal more control and makes it more accessible. The XH A1 has a ton of great audio features and the Sony FX7… doesn’t, omitting XLR inputs and external audio level controls. We like the HDR-FX7 in itself. It comes from a good family, improving in some points over the HDR-FX1, and harkening back to the DCR-DVX2100 and even XV1000. But in a comparative, competitive market, it simply can’t hold a candle to its mainchallenger. 

But that was back when the FX7 was only $500 cheaper than the XH A1. The XH A1 definitely seems to be the better camera, but now it's $1300 more than the FX7.

OWC Blu-ray

I've given up on Blu-ray, but OWC has come out with an external Blu-ray player. $499.99 for the drive alone, or bundled with Roxio Toast 9 Titanium (OS X) for $579.99

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