Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Canon 5D Mark II love site

Seems that Ken Rockwell really likes the Canon 5D Mark II; if you're shooting landscapes. If it's news or sports, stick with Nikon.

It's an interesting page, but I'm not so sure I can agree with his comments about the D90 being preferred for theatrical release.
The Nikon D90's 24 FPS rate is ideal for theatrical release; the Canon's 30-frame rate will look more like video while the D90's 24-frame rate will look more like film.

While the frame rate of the D90 suggests it's better for going to film, the "jelly" issue, and the lower resolution make me think that the Canon 5D would be a much better choice; even if you have to do a translation to 24 fps.

Or course, if you are going to film, maybe a "real" video camera that shoots at 24p would be the better choice.

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