Monday, March 03, 2014

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Here's a Better Edit Room | Tribeca
Considering that an edit suite is ideally an environment where creative debate and collaboration is taking place, the default way they’re designed is, in my opinion, insane. The counterproductive setup of a normal edit room, even at the biggest studios and nicest post-production houses is a study in separation and walls.

Canon C500 vs. Film Camera Test | Shane Hurlbut
If we were to compare the C500 and film side by side, immediately you can see more of the different tonalities in the background. The C500 kept a much cooler tone in the shadows and the background, while the yellow forklift comes across as a very punchy energized color. The film on the other hand is more grey in the background and the color of forklift kind of blends in the background and doesn’t stand out.

A piece about director Billy Wilder:
The Wilder touch | Cinephillia and Beyond
Wilder's method is a combination of gags, familiar slaps, games with sweater sleeves - anything that will keep his actors calm, loose and laughing.

After Gravity, is the British film industry rocketing or crashing to Earth? | The Guardian
According to consultancy Oxford Economics, these subsidies mean it is now 38% cheaper to shoot a film in the UK than the US – while the generosity of the UK's regime has prompted gripes from the LA film world.

Gravity co-Editor and Oscar Nominee Mark Sanger Explains His Craft and Style | ProVideoCoalition
SANGER: There was no conventional coverage on anything.  We had multiple takes to choose and mould performances from, but the actors would be presented with the animated cut in the morning and restricted to performing within the confines of what had been edited.  This was due to the need to light the actors and their movements in the same way as the lit animation in the cut.

Kinefinity Set To a Drop a KineMAX 6K Camera | Cinescopophilia
Mindful of the success of the Blackmagic BMCC 4K camera, and the specs on the recently announced Panasonic GH4 4K camera Kinefinity look set to offer more than 4K in their next camera. It appears 6K resolution will be the flavour for the KineMAX camera that will be announced in a two hour online meet up.

Roger Deakins: "Sometimes you get a cinematographer who shoots something, and you walk into their light, and they're doing 50 per cent of my job," Jake Gyllenhaal recently told The Hollywood Reporter. "I walked into Roger Deakins' lighting in two different movies, and I didn't feel I had to give a performance."

New Mac Pro officially qualified for Media Composer 7.0.3 or | Avid
Great news!  Avid is pleased to announce support for the new Apple Mac Pro Workstation for use with Media Composer and Media Composer with the Symphony Option.  These editing applications now support the new Apple Mac Pro Workstation running the Apple Mac OSX 10.9.1 (Mavericks) operating system.

Avid Announces Availability of Investor Update Webcast | Avid
Avid® (OTC:AVID) announced today that it will provide an investor update focused on articulating the Company's corporate strategy and discussing matters disclosed in the Company's Form 8-K filed with the SEC on January 7, 2014 and the Company's targeted completion of the restatement process by mid-2014. The webcast will be available on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. EST, on the Investor Relations page of Avid's website at and can be accessed on

New Wireless Adapters | Sony Professional | Vimeo
Designed to enhance the field operation and workflow, both wireless adapters support Wireless Lan, 3G/4G transmission to meet the needs of most shooting environments. Compatible by design, these adapters connect with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and are an ideal choice for ENG professionals when the speed of news gathering is critical.

We were very excited to speak with Blackmagic Design's Stuart Ashton, who took a few minutes to shepherd us through some of the huge strides they've made recently - 4K Production Camera shipment & discount, product diversity, and more. 

This is from 1993, but there's some pretty amazing camera moves on here (and a drone!)

Moving Camera from Paul Raimondi on Vimeo.

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