Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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Comcast’s deal with Netflix makes network neutrality obsolete | Washington Post
The deal will also transform the debate over network neutrality regulation. Officially, Comcast's deal with Netflix is about interconnection, not traffic discrimination. But it's hard to see a practical difference between this deal and the kind of tiered access that network neutrality advocates have long feared. Network neutrality advocates are going to have to go back to the drawing board.

Canon Announces New Firmware Updates for Cinema Cameras & Camcorders | CanonRumors
Announced today is a new optional feature upgrade for the EOS C300 Cinema camera which will support Canon’s innovative Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus (AF) technology and enable continuous autofocusing with the entire line of Canon EF lenses and optimized for Canon’s stepping motor (STM) line of lenses when used with the EOS C300 camera. This optional feature upgrade is expected to be available in May 2014 for a cost of $500.00 and will require the EOS C300 camera body to be shipped to an authorized Canon service center for installation.

Why is a custom eyecup a big deal for C100 shooters? Because out of the box the C100 viewfinder is painfully hard to see. For doc shooters, the beauty of the C100 is its ergonomics and usability – a simple, functional, lightweight camera without a hundred accessories hanging off the sides. For me that usually means shooting on either completely handheld or on a tripod, setting aside my shoulder rig and video monopod.

BMPC-4K: Shooting tips from early users | Here For The Weather
​Based on reports from early BMPC-4K users in the field, here are some shooting tips:1. First thing to do when you get a BMPC-4K is to make sure it’s running the most current firmware, available on BMD’s support website. Some cams have shipped with an older version firmware, resulting in various performance issues. Installing the current FW resolves this. Periodically check the BMD support site for possible future camera FW updates, too.

Film preservation 2.0 | The Dissolve
Conversations about digital archiving can be difficult, because they have a tendency to turn into proxy wars about the death of film. Feelings on the subject run hot: One pro-digital archivist I spoke to mentioned overcoming the “mythopoetics and nostalgia of cinephilia,” and you don’t have to look far to find people conflating analog media with “the human touch.”

House of Cards (With Igor Martinovic) GCS025 | Go Creative Show
Today we speak with cinematographer Igor Martinovic. Igor is the Director of Photography for the netflix original series “House of Cards” as well as countless feature films and documentaries including the Academy Award winning “Man On Wire”. Igor shares behind the scenes stories from House of Cards, working with David Fincher and Kevin Spacy, shooting on the Red Epic and more.

What is the 35mm Equivalent and Why is it Confusing? | wolfcrow
Think of windows. A larger window will show more scenery than a smaller one. Yet, the focal length of your eye remains the same. Sensors behave like windows. A larger sensor will always show you more scenery than a smaller one.

Vid-Atlantic Media Productions | Tumblr
Look at that Anamorphic bokeh! All that dreaminess coming from the $99 CineMorph Filter on the Canon C100. Thanks to Impact Films!

Inside 'Gravity': How Sandra Bullock Went From a 'Torture Chamber' to an Oscar Nom | Yahoo
Sandra Bullock, whom Alfonso Cuarón deems "the real hero" of his picture, was strung up by a 12-wire rig system for her weightless scenes, with her every movement being manipulated by an off-camera puppeteer. It was up to her to hold her body straight and to naturalize those sometimes involuntary body motions to legitimize an eerie effect of existing in zero Gs.

We’re Just Making Movies | We Have Embarked
There are things more important than getting that shot.
This wasn’t what I was planning on writing about this week. Then again, one can’t exactly plan for tragedy.
A young woman, Sarah Jones, 27, was killed on set of “Midnight Rider,” a Greg Allman biopic that’s been shooting in Georgia, after being struck by a freight train.

“Stop Making Indie Films,” Urges Kentucker Audley Petition | Filmmaker Magazine
Responding to recent articles in the New York Times and Salon, filmmaker Kentucker Audley has launched a petition asking “mediocre” independent filmmakers to stop making films. 

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