Friday, February 21, 2014

The News

AJA Io 4K gains 50/60 fps 4K/UHD High Frame Rate Support | Cinema 5D
AJA Video Systems recently announced their latest free software update for the Mac adding 4K/UHD High Frame Rate for their Io 4K.  The I/O supports Thunderbolt 2 and 4K workflows, including the new Mac Pro as well as daisy chain.
I didn't realize, but it appears that the AJA Ki Pro Solid State 4K recorder is shipping.

Review Part 1: Blackmagic Production Camera 4K vs. Canon 1DC | Cinema 5D
In terms of image quality the 4K of the Blackmagic very well matches the 4K of the 1DC. Sharpness is visually identical and gone is moiré and aliasing as we had seen it on the first Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Nice!!!

Can You Figure Out Which Camera Shot Which Shot? | CreativePlanet
Rick Young posted a compilation video of his work shot over a number of years with a number of different cameras. A week later, he revealed which camera had shot which segment.
The following cameras were used: Sony PMW-EX1R, Sony PMW-F3, Sony PMW-EX3, Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Panasonic HPX171, Sony HVR-Z1, Canon 5D Mark II, JVC GY-HM100

Get Your MoVI Moving: Part 2 | Rule Boston Camera
Like any relationship, there are highs and lows. The M10 and I have shared all of these moments from the early headaches at the shop to the winter sunset walks along the Charles River. As our relationship has grown over the past few months, I have learned to appreciate MoVI for what it can do for the entire production community. It is a true game-changer that provides new opportunities and ease.

The S1000 Octocopter" The Latest Flagship Drone from DJI | Videomaker
The S1000 will start at just around $4,000; but don’t get too excited about that price just yet. You’re going to need an 8-channel radio system, a battery, and a charger before you can get it into the air. You’re also going to need a gimbal if you’d like to fly your camera with the best results, and the ZenMuse Z15 gimbal will run you another $3,000.

Video production with a GoPro Hero 3 - A beginner 'How-to' | VideoMaker
Typically when other action cams record at 1080p, they have a sort of fishbowl effect which distorts the outer sides of the video and can make it look amateur. Using the higher video resolution like 4K, however, will give you enough raw footage to be able to crop in during video production and get rid of the outside fishbowl effect. this will leave you with a high quality image with little to no pixel degradation and no image distortion.

Free Infographic Effects for FCP X | FX Factory
Create infographic titles and charts with Data Pop Free.  Choose from 4 professional quality Final Cut Pro X titles for different types of charts and graphs: bar, pie, ring, and number.

Improvising Screenplays: Writing Great Movie Loglines Using the Improv Concept of ‘Game’ | Script Magazine
First, a quick recap. Game is simply a means of establishing a consistent pattern, generally emanating from the first “unusual thing” in your scene. It could be an unexpected “high concept” or character choice — John Belushi’s classic SNL Samurai Delicatessen sketches were based around the simple idea of a deli guy…who happens to be a samurai.

How Netflix Is Setting the New Norm in TV Watching: The Viewer Is In Control | IndieWire
This is called “binge” viewing. It seems an odd word to describe this phenomenon. As in “binge” drinking for example. We immediately picture someone who gives into his worst impulses and has no control.Curiously it is just the opposite. Why? Simply put, the viewer controls the experience. This option breaks the standard release pattern for new “TV” episodes.

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