Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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Are Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) Files Backwards Compatible w/ CS6? | ProDesignTools
Adobe officially states, “Each of the following CC apps support the ability to export to the CS6 version of the program: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash Pro, Dreamweaver, and After Effects” – with the caveat that, “New features added may not be supported in the exported file or implemented by the CS6 application.” And the same would go for CS5, CS4, or CS3.

Fare-thee-well Magic Bullet Grinder | ProVideoCoalition
Grinder’s demise probably happened upon the launch of Magic Bullet BulletProof. The good folks at Red Giant confirmed that Grinder is indeed gone. That is entirely understandable as BulletProof is a one-stop-shop data-wrangling and DIT tool for all things DSLR. BulletProof incorporates pretty much every feature that Grinder had so it might seem rather pointless for Grinder to still be developed. 
Red Giant replied:
Red Giant ‏@RedGiantNews
Our plan is to add more automation to Bulletproof in 2014 that should make grinder truly obsolete.

QuickTime is deprecated? What does that mean in practice? | Philip Hodgetts
The writing was on the wall when the development QTkit (the 64 bit version of QuickTime) slowed to a stop, as I outlined in the earlier article. The rise of AVFoundation (and below that Core Media, Core Audio, Core Animation etc) was absolutely the best indicator that QuickTime was going away.

Which Is Better: To Rent a Camera, or Buy one? (Part One) | Wolcrow
Here’s a typical noob thought-process:
If I rent a camera it’s going to cost me X. Since I’m shooting Y days and the rental price is Z, the total is almost X. So, why not buy the camera instead?
I made that mistake with my first camera, but won’t do it again. Why not? Here are some reasons:

Kinefinity KineRAW MINI review | EOSHD
Aside from Blackmagic there’s only one other company endeavouring to give us affordable cinema cameras at the moment and that’s Kinefinity. The MINI is a smaller cut down version of their S35, shooting 2K uncompressed raw to SSD from a Super 35mm sensor. It has an option for 4K to an external record (Q1 2014) and it’s a powerful piece of kit, though I have some reservations about usability.

ALAN MCCABE Anamorphic Lenses | Extension 765
 Anamorphic lenses are a beautiful thing; their various technical anomalies are all aesthetic plusses in my book, and with the sensitivity of digital, the slowness of the lenses isn’t a factor anymore. Watching “scope” films as a young filmmaker and then making films in that format as an adult, I realized there was a certain kind of framing and staging--or rather, and certain kind of approach to framing and staging--that compelled me.

Episode 98 - Catching Fire: Procedural Fire FX with Trapcode Particular | Red Giant
In this episode of Red Giant TV, Michael Park shows you how to create a procedural fire effect (an effect that is entirely software-driven, and requires no external smoke or fire images) over a logo with Trapocode Particular.

Doc NYC Review: ‘Shooting Bigfoot’ Takes A Hilarious Look At Americans’ Obsession With Sasquatch | IndieWire
For some reason, we are in the midst of a mini-sasquatch frenzy. It seems like there are at least a half dozen basic cable shows devoted to finding, cataloguing, and trapping the legendary bigfoot monster; a hairy, humanoid creature said to resemble primitive man. There have been just as many low-budget horror movies devoted to the creature in recent years, including a new film by Bobcat Goldthwait—found-footage flick “Willow Creek” that was just picked up by MPI.

Sound Devices 633 is a Compact Six-Input Mixer With Integrated 10-Track RecorderCinescopophilia
A nice looking device - but it's $3,095:
The Sound Devices 633 offers six analog inputs and records to SD and CompactFlash memory cards. The 633 is designed for audio professionals requiring go-anywhere portability, without compromising recording or mixing capability. The 633 offers three high-bandwidth mic/line inputs on XLR connectors, complete with phantom power, highpass filter, input limiter and variable pan.

Retina iPad Mini's Display Criticized Over Poor Color Gamut and Accuracy | MacRumors
Last week, we noted that some Retina iPad mini displays were exhibiting image retention issues, while in general other users were expressing some dissatisfaction with the color gamut of the Retina iPad mini's display, particularly compared to that of the iPad Air. 

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