Saturday, November 30, 2013

The argument for 'fixing' it in post

This week FxFactory released Cineflare's Final Cut Pro X Hand Held Effect, a plug-in that turns your video into...well a bit of a mess if you're not careful. You can add whip pans, lens focusing, zooms, and bumps and jitters.

All to give you that classic camera-operator-wasn't-ready kind of feel.

The idea is that you apply it to a locked down shot to make it look a bit messy. And since you're doing it in post, you can play with it as much as you like. I find that very appealing, because making something look naturally accidental can be very difficult and time consuming. So why not do it in post?

And it's $49, which isn't too bad. My only gripe; it's only for Final Cut Pro X, and even though I have Final Cut Pro X it's not my editing tool of choice at the moment.

Of course, you could recreate the effects yourself using After Effects or Motion, but a plug-in will save you some time.

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