Friday, October 25, 2013

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Producing a Low-Budget Short Film and Pitching a Movie: Run Like Hell | Filmmaker Magazine
Red Giant has unveiled their latest low-budget, effects-rich short; Run Like Hell. It’s billed as a short film, but it’s really intended to be a teaser for a full-length movie director Stu Maschwitz hopes to make. Maschwitz is a visual effects wizard who worked at Industrial Light & Magic before co-founding effects house The Orphanage. 

Run Like Hell (the script) | Slugline
You can get a copy of the script for the Run Like Hell trailer here.
Run Like Hell is a hilarious feature film in development, inspired by the cult classic video game. As the director attached to the project, I teamed up with producer Adrian Askarieh and Red Giant Films to create this teaser. Step one was writing the script.

New Sony A7, A7R and RX10 – exclusive hands-on look at video quality | EOSHD
Andrew looks at the video quality of the three new Sonys, and decides the A7r is the best of the three...though not as good as the HACKED Canon 5D Mark III footage.
I admit, I'm disappointed; I was hoping the A7 would be pretty good.
All cameras have some degree of moire & aliasing, though the RX10 is a massive improvement on previous Sony cameras with respects to this. The moire issues are disappointing but then cameras without moire and aliasing are the exception rather than the rule. Even the Blackmagic cameras have moire and aliasing. The A7R has a little more than those and certainly more than the 5D Mark III. 

Arri Alexa vs. Canon C500 | Shane Hurlbut
I found that as we increased the Alexa’s ISO, it built more contrast in the blacks. The C500 seemed to do the same but not as extreme. We noticed that the bit depth color on the C500 seemed really thin once we got over 4000 ISO, which is still pretty impressive.

4K video recording on a phone? Is there any point? A look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 3′s 4K video | Philip Bloom
So then, what is the point of a mobile phone that shots 4K? To be blunt, not a lot. Yet the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has that function! It does shoot Full HD of course but it also can shoot 3840×2160 otherwise known as 4K or Ultra HD. It’s actually not really a feature that is pushed that much by them to be fair, but it is there.

A Fresh Look at Apple’s Final Cut Pro X | Filmmaker Magazine
Consider this: FCP X is a feature-rich 64-bit pro app with a challenging learning curve (I’m still climbing), which, at the same time, provides a relatively easy interface for those otherwise intimidated by professional NLEs.

The Studio Conversion with Eight LED lights | HD Warrior
A look at a home studio conversion project
My plan was to be able to produce medium wide shots either sitting down or standing up to white, black and green and have the ability to produce full length green screen shots when needed.
A studio is better without external light like a window so the window area was partitioned with wood and gyp-rocked with 12.5mm boards to give an extra sound barrier.

Crowdfunding is a Full-Time Job: Here's How to Make It Pay | IndieWire
Crowdfunding is not for the weak of heart. Nor is it free money. It is a full time job with lots of moving parts that may not be in every filmmaker’s wheelhouse. The fact is most people will probably lose money on the deal even if they’re successful. It’s also an amazing way for filmmakers to get funding.

What Are the Ethics Behind Documentary Recreations? | IndieWire
But what happens when these reinterpretations of events become indistinguishable from raw footage? Sometimes, it can impress unintended ramifications on the viewing experience. Using the recent release "The Summit" as an example, TFI's Ingrid Kopp found the seamless transitions between recreations and reality hazardous, to the point where she no longer knew what to trust, whereas A&E Films' Molly Thompson felt it made the filmmaking all the more impressive.

Apple Pulls Some Disney and Pixar Titles From iTunes Store and iTunes in the Cloud [Updated] | MacRumors
If you buy something digitally from an online store, there's no guarantee that you'll always be able to download that content; if the store loses the rights to distribute the content, you won't be able to download it again. This has come up before with electronic books on Amazon.
On, searching for the titles results in a notice that licensing agreements have prevented the content from being purchased or rented, and as AppAdvice points out, Apple's iTunes Store Terms and Conditions does specify that previously purchased content can be made inaccessible.


Creating a Great Pitch Trailer for your Feature Film | Adobe
Thursday, October 31, 201310:00 AM - 11:00 AM US/Pacific
Project Kronos was a documentary-style short film posted written and directed by Hasraf "HaZ" Dulull. The sci-fi story follows a mission to achieve interstellar space travel. Just 6 months later, it has been picked up for feature film development. Join HaZ to learn how he got his start in filmmaking, how he made Project Kronos, and how, as a first time filmmaker, he used the creative approach of pitch trailers to get the attention of studio executives and producers. 

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