Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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Vimeo's announcement today at SXSW that the company is launching a self-distribution service has the potential to be a major tool for independent filmmakers. Vimeo On Demand will allow any members of Vimeo PRO (a $199 a year service) offer up their work for rent or download, taking a 10% cut after credit card and Paypal fees.

MEETING: Visual Storytellers February 21stBOSCPUG
Blackmagic Cinema Camera on set of HERO PUNK LEARN MORE ABOUT HERO PUNK In this presentation, Kanen will discuss the workflow around Scruffy.TV -- a collaborative, distributed company with editors, post, audio, color, compositors and VFX artists from around the world. He will discuss the workflow constraints, use of Dropbox and other tools for collaboration, his work on The Scruffy Show, HERO PUNK and other online content.
Join Steve for an engaging "Part One" conversation on how Steve has been using Adobe Story since first released as the scriptwriting program on Steve's feature documentary. Steve will show you how he uses it and introduce you to this amazing software.

Digital Bolex seen at SXSW: first hand report | Red Shark News
But from what I understand the image from the sensor to the recorded image on the drive isn't quite what they want just yet. Elle also explained that while their part of the team is at the show the rest of the team is hard at work making those final modifications. Joe or Elle please correct me if I'm mistaken in my paraphrasing but the camera is, very, very close to being done. Joe assured me there would be a working camera and software at NAB next month. I'll let them cover the rest of the details so I don't misspeak.

Quick Note: Technicolor Color Assist now supports Apple’s Final Cut X
| Vincent Laforet | Blog
A quick note to say that the Technicolor Color Assist software which is a wonderful way to quickly set a look (or color grade/correction) on the set right there on the spot (on a shoot large or small) before those drives get shipped off into never never land… is now supported by Final Cut Pro X.

Black and White isn’t so “Black and White" | RON DAWSON | Dare Dreamer
All kidding aside, there was a time when you would  never think the topic of making a video black and white would be one worth blogging about. If you wanted a colorless video, you would just do what I said above. But lately I’ve discovered the beauty of playing with black and white in the various color levels. So it turns out, that making videos “black and white” isn’t so, well, black and white.

| Nathan Mauger | DSLR News Shooter
For The People’s Republic of Love I shot everything handheld, except interviews (because we had 45 of them!), and I shot it in a very-stripped down way. First, I took off the LCD/XLR module. You don’t really need this unless you’re doing an interview or need to synch the sound. The C300 has a great viewfinder, and the LCD isn’t necessary when working handheld. When the camera’s right up against your eye, it’s also more stable.

The Current State of Mac Pro GPUs-- before the next "shoe" drops | Bare Feats
Since the first Power Mac and Mac Pro were introduced, the factory and retail GPU offerings have been lagging behind those offered to Windows PC users. They were neither leading edge nor cutting edge. They were more like blunt or trailing edge. Almost immediately a GPU underground movement began to flash "PC only" GPUs to work in the Mac towers. In early 2006 we reported on some impressive examples such as the GeForce 7800 GTX for the Quad-Core G5 Power Mac.

RotoRig Sneak Peak - Camera Jib and Shoulder Rig in ONE! | krotoflik | YouTube
RotoRig, its a camera jib and shoulder rig in one! Ultra portable, weighs between 4 to 5 lbs and will cost approximately $50 to build. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss the DIY build of this unit! 

Adobe MAX is the creativity conference | Adobe
Adobe MAX is all about creativity and expressiveness. If you create, you won’t want to miss MAX. Designers, developers, strategists, video professionals, photographers, and more all come to MAX to exchange ideas and inspiration. Together with industry pros and visionaries, you’ll learn about the latest technologies, techniques, and strategies for delivering your best creative work. Come to MAX and explore how creativity is changing the world and what part you have to play in that change. And every full conference MAX pass includes a one year membership to Adobe Creative Cloud*

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