Monday, January 28, 2013

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A SHORT WEEKEND WITH THE C100 | Sean Meehan | Cross River Pictures
Sean has been shooting recently with a Canon C100 and loves it:
First and foremost, I love the image out of this camera. So many of us have fallen in love with the look of the C300, and I would say that, to my eye, they’re pretty comparable. They could certainly intercut, and if you’re contrasting with Canon HDSLRs, the difference in sharpness, dynamic range and resolution is big. It’s not surprising, considering it’s processing the image in a way very similar to its bigger brothers.
You're Not Too Old | Vimeo

HOW WE MADE THE ATC MUSIC VIDEO “READY OR NOT” | Rick Macomber | Macomber Productions
I wrote about this for Filmmaker Magazine, but here's Rick's report:
The video has two distinctive shooting styles. Most of the narrative scenes were either shot on a Miller Solo tripod, on the Kessler slider or the Kessler Crane, all donated for the entire length of the shoot by Mike Sutton and Paul Antico. The performance shots were all handheld except for one crane shot of Dave during a specific vocal moment where I thought it might look cool to move the camera up and away from him as he sang.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera - Lowlight Test | Adam Roberts | Vimeo
We used the Sony NEX-FS100, recording to ProRes HQ via an Atomos Ninja 2, as known refrences for comparison. All shots were underexposed by over 2 stops.There is a rolling noise pattern in the BMCC footage but at over 2 stops under exposed I'd expect to see sensor take strain. This could be addressed with some noise reduction filters in post.

Meet Me in Big Sur | Andrew Julian | Vimeo
I used my Blackmagic Cinema Camera for this film and the color and latitude that shooting in raw provides still amazes me. The flexibility that uncompressed raw gives you in post production makes the 1 Terabyte per 2 hours of footage data rate worth it. I also can't wait to use the new firmware that's been announced! Many more great options to expand the capabilities and improve the workflow. It definitely would have made this shoot a bit easier.

Next-Gen Video Format H.265 Is Approved, Paving The Way For High-Quality Video On Low-Bandwidth Networks | RYAN LAWLER | Tech Crunch
The hope is that, through improved compression techniques, H.265 will enable publishers to stream 1080p video with about half as many bits as required today. That should make true streaming HD video available not just in broadband households, but on mobile and tablet devices, using networks that are a lot more bandwidth-constrained. 

FStoppers Lighting Diagrams: Shooting Products on Black | NICK FANCHER
| FStoppers
This is for stills, but would apply to video too:
all I have is a 2’x3’ piece of wood, covered in black fabric and a sheet of glass. For lighting I have one LumoPro LP160 attached to a LP621 mini-boom arm, fired into a silver umbrella. I angled the umbrella slightly and placed it just behind the sunglasses, to keep the light from spilling onto the black board. The great thing about shooting with you products elevated is that you now have the option of placing a reflector or strobe underneath, to further sculpt the light.

10 Zero Budget Filmmaking Tips | Elliot Grove | RainDance
2. Location Location LocationThere are two expensive components to a film shoot. Image capture (camera) and the locations.Moving a cast and crew from location to location is time consuming, and expensive, regardless of your budget.If you can reduce the amount of location moves, or eliminate them altogether, then you are a huge step closer to reducing your budget.

Side by Side: Documentarian Chris Kenneally on the future of film | Moviescope
It’s amazing to think that the basic mechanics of filmmaking haven’t changed much; you can take a piece of four-perf 35mm film from 1900 and play it in a current film projector. So a lot of people have decades of experience working with film, and have become experts in this craft. Businesses and workflows have been built around film technology and now all that is changing. This is having a huge impact on a lot of people and businesses and I think people are really excited to share their opinions on what this means.

Why Experts Think Twitter’s 6-Second Videos Could Be Huge | RYAN TATE | Wired
Thus far, people seem to be using Vine mainly to show off their desks and offices. But then again, people initially used Twitter to report their every mundane move throughout the day: Eating lunch, going to the park, catching a movie. It was hard at the time to imagine what more could be done with 140 characters.

6 Things You Need To Know As A Screenwriter If You Want Your Scripts Made
| Lucy V Hay | Bag2Write
6. One minute a page?Well, that depends who’s making it/in it.  100 pages is a 100 minutes – right? WRONG. The “page a minute” thing you adhere to so strictly as a spec screenwriter is just a GUIDELINE. How long your produced work ends up will depend not only on what it is, but who is directing it, who is in it and even who is editing it. In other words, the process of collaboration will make its mark

Raiders Story Conference Transcript (tape 1)moedred's Journal
Transcript with Lucas, Spielberg and Kasdan:
G - [...] The basic premise is that it's sort of a serialesque kind of movie. Meaning that there are certain things that have to continue to happen. It's also basically an action piece, for the most part. We want to keep things interspaced and at the same time build it. As I build this up, you'll see it's done vaguely by the numbers. Generally, the concept is a serial idea. Done like the Republic serials. As a thirties serial. Which is where a lot of stuff comes from anyway.

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