Friday, January 25, 2013

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Fringe Issue in Older Canon C300′s Solved? | Michael Murie | Filmmaker Magazine
Since its release, the Canon C300 has received a lot of praise for its image quality and low-light sensitivity. But some users have reported problems with color fringing: incorrectly colored pixels that appear on in-focus vertical or horizontal borders adjacent to a blown out – or nearly blown out – background. This most commonly appears on man-made objects like railings and window edges, though it can also be seen in specular highlights on ocean waves.

Review: Sony 10-18mm F4 OSS Wide Angle Lens (Sony NEX) | PETER WALKOWIAK
| The Photoblographer
With it's image stabilization and wide-angle of view, this lens is intriguing for NEX owners. It's not cheap though, at $848:
The lens itself has a metal body and feels very dense. It is a heavy lens due to its construction but did not feel uneven when paired with the NEX-6. The lens has a fairly wide base compared to the 50mm or kit lens and makes hand holding the camera more comfortable. The tiny grooves on the lens collected a little bit of lint and dirt but were easy to clean. I’ve read complaints about the grooves before doing so but I did not see this as an issue.

Canon EOS-1D C Information | CanonRumors
The EOS-1D C broken down a bit more.
A reader sent in some information about the EOS-1D C.
1) A 25P firmware is coming next week.
2) Canon is aware that high iso, high motion doesn’t mix well with 4K aggressively compressed to MJPEG.

Sony FS700 slow mo goes low light with Speed Booster and the new SLR Magic T0.95 lenses | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
The Metabones Speed Booster was also incredibly useful with the FS700 on this test. I could hand-hold the camera whilst doing full frame wide angle 24mm F1.0 shots at 100fps and 200fps, with a lens I had bought half a year ago for my 5D Mark III! These lens adapters are wonderful.

Dude, You Gettin' a Dell? Former Apple Editors Choose 'Yes, Bro' over Mac Pro for Performance | Dave Kendricken | No Film School
But it’s not just hardware and machinery, these things come in conjunction with Apple’s snoring and Adobe’s opportunistic body check to FCP in the NLE market. Nobody’s post solution system is all well-rounded or smoothly integrated as Adobe’s. All the right components are in place for mass exodus and even public outcry from loyal users — though with solid alternatives such as Dell’s really growing into place, at least there’s no risk of moral panic.
Was intrigued by this response in the comments:
I feel the results in this test are somewhat cleverly exaggerated. If you look at their methods, for some reason they are using the 2010 model, though I am quite sure the 2012 update was shipping by mid-August. They use an NVIDIA (and thus CUDA capable) card in the Dell, the Mac has an AMD card, which won’t give nearly the performance benefit in CS5.5.
And did they include time spent messing with the system when the software starts acting up?!
- Not that I'm an Apple fanboy or anything!

The Inside Scoop on Adobe Audition | Digital Production Buzz — Jan. 24, 2013
Durin Gleaves, Product Owner for Adobe Professional Audio, joins us in the studio to tell us more about the current version of Audition and give us a sense of what we can expect for professional audio in the future.

Action Sports Cameras Part 2: Drift HD Ghost, Contour+2 Camcorders
| BH Online Videos
This B&H video features the second half of our action camera roundup. It examines the Drift HD Ghost and the Contour+2. Both models are compatible with multiple mounts for hands-free recording of action sports. They both shoot Full HD 1080p video at 30 fps and each one also supports mobile connectivity with a smartphone or tablet.

Infographics: Charting Hollywood’s Odd Obsession With Orange and Teal
| HUGH HART | Wired
Stanford University statistics student Edmund Helmer decided to paint a more analytical portrait of the cinematic love affair with the orange-teal combo by examining hundreds of movie trailers and transforming the color data into a dramatic spherical infographic.Pictured above, the image represents the distribution of color data — hue, saturation, and brightness — extracted from 312 movie trailers

Brattle Theatre: Digital Projection & HVAC Renovation | Kickstarter
Brattle Theatre is holding a Kickstarter campaign to get a digital projector and upgrade their HVAC system:
1. DCP (fancy term for a digital projector): Life moves pretty fast. If you’ve stopped and looked around recently, you’ve probably realized the movie industry is moving away from film per se, and toward digital technologies. Don’t worry! We will still show 35mm as much as possible, but as much as we like showing this format, many of the new films and restorations of classic films are only being provided in digital format now. So DCP is a necessary addition. But it’ll cost us $90k to do it right.

Shugo Tokumaru "Katachi" | Kijek / Adamski | Vimeo
Pretty good stop-animation made with approx. 2000 silhouettes extracted from PVC plates using computer-controlled cutter. I thought it was cool, though there were parts where the lighting become noticeably uneven (and I usually don't see that kind of thing, so it has to be pretty obvious for me to notice it.)

All Six Bonds Will Appear On Stage At The Oscars | GeekTyrant
I'm a big Bond fan. It's kind of cool if they do this, though I'm not sure what it means other than there will be a bunch of old guys on stage... ;)
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Bond it has been confirmed that all six Bond actors will appear on stage during the Oscars ceremony. This will supposedly take place during Adele's performance of her award winning theme for the latest installment, "Skyfall."

Please Read. Jim Smith Of WBZ Boston Needs Our Help! | Rick Macomber/Jared Abrams | Wide Open Camera
Rick Macomber passes along this information about a campaign for a colleague at CBS Boston:
My long time colleague and friend here at CBS in Boston Jim Smith needs our help. [...]
We just found out that Jim’s 20 year old son has a cancerous brain tumor. And Jim is a freelance reporter – which means he only gets paid if he works. In addition he has limited health insurance to help him with the expenses that his family will incur in the coming months. Jim’s son has a long hard fight ahead.

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