Monday, November 05, 2012

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Red, Sony and Canon 4K | Michael Sutton | WideOpenCamera
Mike Sutton takes a look at the 4K options:
The next thing Red needs to do is to have 4K video outputs on the camera.  You cannot tout resolution yet be highly compressed without any other codec options.  I don’t see how these go hand in hand.  If image quality via resolution is everything, then surely resolution aficionados would want the ability to tap off an uncompressed RAW feed.  I have a feeling that RED will put out another camera much sooner that people expected.

8-Bit is Still 8-Bit, Why DSLRs Are No Match for the 12-Bit Blackmagic Cinema Camera | Joe Marine | No Film School
People have done as much as possible to argue against the test that was performed with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera by Marco Solorio and OneRiver Media. That test compared the 5D Mark III and the BMCC, and even though the superior resolution and dynamic range of one of those cameras should have been obvious, many still prefer the Mark III and complained that a better picture profile or some post sharpness would make the differences less noticeable

Sony NEX-VG900 Full-Frame Interchangeable Lens Camcorder Available
| B & H Photo Video
The NEX-VG900 is now available, though frankly, I'm still more interested in the NEX-EA50 (available later this month):
The Sony NEX-VG900 Full-Frame Interchangeable Lens Camcorder is the first Handycam camcorder with a 35mm sensor to fully exploit the artistic potential of interchangeable lenses. With a resolution of 24.3 effective megapixels, the camcorder's Exmor CMOS sensor is around 40 times larger than its equivalent in standard consumer camcorders and more than twice the size of the APS-C sensor found in other interchangeable lens Handycam models.

Working with the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera: The camera | Liz Sunter
| Jig Saw Broadcast
Den: I have a FS100, I have a Canon 5D MkII that I haven't shot video on for probably a year, and I have a little Sony NX30 for doing tutorials and stuff when we go to trade shows. I think what's key today is that you can't own one camera. You need to have different cameras for different applications 

Tiffen Indie ND Kit: First Impressions | Brandon Vincent | Blog
Using screw on filters has its pros and cons. They are indeed the most cost-effective solution, but you’re stuck having to screw and unscrew them onto your lenses whenever there’s a change. You’ll also need step rings for any lenses smaller than 77mm. Those are very cheap, though. Not much of a problem in my eyes.

2012 CamcorderInfo Best of Year Awards | CamcorderInfo
Camcorderinfo rates the Sony HDR-CX760V ($1,498) as the camcorder of the year, a first, as they usually don't rate the Sony camcorders as highly as those from Panasonic:
This year, Sony finally decided to hunker down and improve the low light performance of its high-end Handycams, and, as a result, the HDR-CX760V ended up as the best camcorder we reviewed all year. In addition to the enhanced low light capabilities, the Sony CX760V is stuffed with manual controls, has a beautiful new Zeiss lens, and features one of the best image stabilization systems we’ve ever seen. 

Editing into 2013 and beyond with FCPX | Philip Johnson | HD Warrior
Philip looks at hardware options for goosing your iMac:
Thunderbolt is the future of editing, add this to one of the new sexy 27″ iMacs and you’re ready to go. My editing setup today is two 24″ OLED Apple monitors, 6 core MacPro with a Black Magic Intensity Pro card, 24 TB of drive space run with Sonnett EP4 E-sata cards and drive bays running FCPX 10.0.6.

Avid Investors Begin Their Selloff Of Multimedia Giant (AVID) | Wall Street PR
Avid closed last week at $8.17, a number that will require quite a bit of work in order to be achieved again. Avid shares dropped $1.17, or 14%, to $7.00 in premarket trading. From there, Avid continued its descent. Opening at $6.77, the company never showed signs of interrupting this fall. Shortly after noon, the stock saw the $7.00 mark for the last time before closing the day down $1.48 for a loss of 18.1%.

A Case Study in How to Release Your Short Film Online | Chris Atkinson | ReelSEO
In broad terms, we've discussed how after you upload your video, you need to start sending it to places outside of YouTube or Vimeo or whatever video site the film/video is on.  And you want to take advantage of all your social media and any friends or crew who worked on the film to use their social media.

Creating video for Surface in Adobe Premier CS6 | Jeremy Rule | MSDN Blogs
Surface came out well after CS6 so the list of presets does not include Surface. This week I created the football highlight film for my son's junior football team and I wanted to load it onto my Surface at the best possible resolution for playback. I also wanted to create Blu-Rays to pass out to the parents. Here is what I came up with for targeting the Surface.

Grounded: An Eye-Popping Sci-Fi Short Filmed Using Canon DSLRs | Michael Zhang | PetaPixel
It was shot using a Canon 5D Mark II for 24fps footage, a Canon 7D for 60fps footage, and the Canon 24mm, 50mm, and 135mm prime lenses. The software used in post include Vegas, PFtrack, Zbrush/Vray/Max, Fusion, and AE/MagicBullet.

Adobe After Effects CS6 Studio Techniques for Editors: Approachable VFX for Non-Specialists | Mark Christiansen | PeachPit
Adobe After Effects CS6 Visual Effects and Compositing Studio Techniques (try to say that title five times fast) is explicitly not a book for beginners, but editors are not beginners when it comes to video. Recent editions of the book have included material and pointers to help the first-timer to get started. In this article, I'll call out a few specific shot types that come up all the time and don't require advanced skills or days of turnaround to complete.

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