Saturday, November 24, 2012

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What difference does a lens make? | Den Lennie | F-Stop Academy
Den compares Canon L lenses with some Zeiss lenses
I prefer the warmth and resolution of the Zeiss lenses.  I think they manage to retain detail particularly when the image is zoomed in even at 400%.  They seem top hold more contrast also.  To be completely fair I did not put every focal length up like for like as I don’t own the full set of Canon Primes but if you are looking for a great set of affordable cine primes then the Zeiss ZF.2 will give you a lot of bang for buck. 

Live 4K in Remote Sports Production Is Still a Way Off | Brandon Costa
| Sports Video Group
“It’s not about technology, and it’s not about equipment [in sports],” said Jerry Steinberg, SVP, field operations, Fox Sports, during a panel on the future of 4K at last week’s Content & Communications World convention. “In the television business, and I emphasize business, it’s about eyeballs. Whether it’s sub fees from homes or advertising dollars, that’s the revenue stream..."

Canon 4K EOS-1DC | Fito Pardo | Vimeo

Camera Tests with Canon EOS-1DC, we tested the camera with various settings, We did not used any cine light, the lighting was available light, the model that we had didn't had all the settings yet, it was still a prototype, so I knew I could not play with some of the setings like slow motion, I was curious, but I just could't.I did mostly tests around the things that us cinematographers encounter in the regular basis, I push the limits in the camera with ISO and shutter speed, I even played with lenses either canon cine lenses, normal canon lenses and lenses that were not from canon, like vivitar and sigma, they look great.

Ikonoskop A-Cam dll vs Blackmagic Cinema Camera – first impressions
| Andrew Reid | EOSHD
The Ikonoskop is a 16mm camera – a considerably smaller sensor size than the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Classics have been shot on 16mm, but shallow depth of field has become a make or break issue – seemingly to be considered ahead of everything else even overall image quality. To these people I say please look at the Sony NEX VG-900 and tell me that sensor size is still the most important aspect of a cinematic image! 

The Kessler Shuttle Pod Mini - Features, Assembly & Use | Preston Kanak | Vimeo
The video above showcases the features, assembly and use of the Kessler Shuttle Pod Mini.
The Kessler Shuttle Pod Mini is a smaller, easier to transport version of the original Shuttle Pod. It is about half the size and half the weight of its big brother, yet still provides the versatility needed to get the manual or motorized shot you require.
In the kit seen in the video, 6’ of track was used. However, the track sections are available in 2’, 3’ and 4’ lengths and can be connected end to end to achieve any length desired. It is recommended that you support the track at least every 4’.

So beyond the technical capabilities, what’s it like cutting multi-camera footage in Premiere?  Well, if you like multicam editing in FCP 7, I can only say that Premiere is just as good and a whole lot easier to set up.  For me FCP 7 always fell down when you tried to multicam with non-continuous clips.  By that I mean, occasionally we’re supplied with rushes from a concert or performance where camera ops start and stop.  Obviously this is not ideal, but it happens.  

More Artist Exploitation | MARK MAYERSON | Mayerson On Animation
While I suspect this is more of a defensive move to prevent people from suing them for using ideas that seem similar - rather than a land grab on Sony's part - it does seem a bit of an over-reach:
Essentially, the above states that Sony takes ownership of your portfolio material when you apply for the job. [...]
What's clearly disturbing though, is that any original work in your portfolio becomes their property.  This does not depend on whether they hire you or not, they get ownership because you applied.

$400 off Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Telephoto Zoom Lens | BHPhotoVideo
You can get this lens for $2099 through December 1st.
B & H also now have the Sony NEX-EA50UH Camcorder with 18-200mm Servo Zoom Lens in stock ]$3,599] and the Canon C100 [$6499] is expected by the end of the month.

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