Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Bit More On BOSCPUG Meeting

I wrote about the Final Cut Pro X presentation at Tuesday nights BOSCPUG meeting, and completely left out a part of the meeting that was perhaps as educational as Abba Sahpiro’s talk. Because in addition to that talk, several film makers talked about – and some even showed - their films at the event.

To start things off, Dan BerĂºbe invited two filmmakers who had shown their films at last weekend SNOB Film Festival to get up and briefly talk about their films.

Steve Riley came all the way from Texas with his film Shooter. Steve is a professional photographer by trade, and this is his first film. You can see the trailer on YouTube : Shooter

Noel Barlow said she is a couple of years out of film school, and directed and produced ‘Giddy in Love,’ a story about a quirky librarian who is ‘looking for love in all the wrong pages.’ With a cast of 12, she described it as a labor of love. Film website : Giddy In Love

Director Marie Della Croce and DP Ben Consoli showed their short film ‘Grace Period,’ and talked about the making of the film. Maria said that on this project they really learned the power of the plan. “We really made sure that we had a plan in place before we shot anything. We went through the screenplay line by line and shot by shot and went into the first day shooting knowing exactly what we wanted.”

Ben explained that the movie was shot on the Sony NEX-FS100 and edited on Final Cut Pro X. They encountered several problems with locations and equipment. The NEX-FS100 was a substitution as two days before shooting started they lost the Canon C300 they thought they were going to use.

Ben said that the visual inspiration for the film came from ‘Boardwalk Empire.’ He said he had become obsessed with the way they had under-illuminated interiors and blown out windows and hot backlights and sidelights. Maria Della Croce | BC Media Productions

To cap the evening, we got to see “Measuring Matthew,” a short directed by Gul Moonis and DP’d by Chris Portal. This movie was shot on the Canon 5D over the course of five days, though one day started at 7am and stretched through to 2am. Their biggest problem was that at the last moment they had to improvise a green screen because they were having problems with shadows from trees when shooting the balcony seen. Interestingly, it was also cut on Final Cut Pro X.

Chris added one important piece of advice; “I would avoid shooting with a fog machine. It was so troublesome trying to get it to work and getting the right amount of fog and trying to get the hand held shot, that put us over by quite a bit.” FaceBook | Measuring Matthew

All in all, the meeting was a great combination of information and visual entertainment.

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