Friday, October 19, 2012

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Boston SuperMeetUp | November 9th | BOSCPUG
BOSCPUG is holding it's Third Annual Boston SuperMeetUp [though the previous events lacked the 'Up' in the title- Ed] Amongst the presentors:
Oscar nominated film editor Tim Squyres, A.C.E. will appear on stage on behalf of Avid. Squyres has edited all but one of Ang Lee's films, including CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON; SENSE AND SENSIBILITY; THE ICE STORM, and the soon to be released LIFE OF PI. In addition, Squyres has edited SYRIANA, GOSFORD PARK and RACHEL GETTING MARRIED, to name a few. 
Registration is just $10, or $7 for Students. But until midnight tonight there are two promo codes available:

  • BOSCPUG48 to RSVP as General Admission for only $7.00 online (normally $10.00)
  • STUDENT48 to RSVP as STUDENTS/FACULTY for only $5.00 online (normally $7.00)

Canon C500 with Gemini 4K hands on | Mike Sutton | Wide Open Camera
For myself and what I shoot the C500 makes a lot of sense and does not lock me into a codec on the back end like the options from Red do.  I want a clean uncompressed RAW 2K and 4K output that I can record to whatever codec I choose and the C500 offers me that latitude.  It is a huge consideration when making an investment like this and it looks beyond the needs of today which is why my wife and I got one.

Putting 4K to Work | Craig Johnston | TV Technology
Another use for the Sony F65:
Fox Sports is already using a 4K camera as part of its “A-Game” NFL telecast retinue. The excess resolution (to a 720p production) supplied by the Sony F65 digital cinematography camera is critical to the sports network’s “Super Zoom” feature.

The 4K debate (Updated) | Philip Jonhston | HD Warrior
For film work and cinema presentations 4k and 8K are perfect but films do get bigger budgets to accommodate the lengthy expensive editing workflows, I also agree the better the picture you start off with etc. the better the end result, even downscaled onto SD but there comes a limit to primary quality like 4K hampering your workflow and extra expensive hardware needed to monitor a 4K picture.

Many vendors were reluctant to modify Arri Alexa cameras to see infrared due to warranty issues. Tolton found a vendor in Utah, known for modifying cameras for NASA .  A converted camera was purchased and after exhaustive testing and calibration, his concept came to life.

Interview - Phil Molyneux, President Sony Electronics | Amadou Diallo | DPReview
Looking at the VG900, our readers are speculating on whether you will make a full frame E-mount stills-oriented camera. What can you say to them?
MW: The VG900 demonstrated that the E-mount lens mount can support a full frame sensor. Building the lenses that can cover a full frame imaging circle at that flange back distance is another matter. We'll see.

Que Audio Sniper PRO DSLR Shotgun Microphone Kit with Boom Pole and Mic Stand | Olivia | Olivia Tech
In the video below I run down what is included in the Que Audio Sniper PRO kit and show you guys a measurement of the audio captured. The frequency analyzer is displaying the frequency response of the Que Audio shotgun microphone’s range in hertz.

Sony HDR-AS15 Action Cam POV Test 120 fps. Gaff Taped To A Boxing Glove
| Jared Abrams | Wide Open Camera
The idea was to gaff tape the camera to a boxing glove to get direct contact POV shots at 120 fps. The headband mount worked great for the reverse angle. The Sony Action Cam held up just OK for interior shots. Even though it felt like we had enough light we needed tons more. It works great for its intended use, outdoor extreme sports with lots of light.

Better Monitoring Ep 115: DSLR | Video Skills with Rich Harrington
| Adorama Photography TV | YouTube
Unlike digital photography, there are not many options available to fix a video after a field shoot.

In this episode, learn different ways you can prevent focus or exposure problems by adding extra equipment to help. Items such as a camera rig, a reliable viewfinder, and a field monitor will help you to avoid problems that can not be fixed in post.

Flexing Your Fundamentals: Cinematography and Composition with Shane Hurlbut | Dave Kendricken | NoFilmSchool
Shane’s post illustrates, among other things, the flexibility of the Two-Shot (pictured above). He emphasizes that for the most part, his preferred angles of attack are simply variations on “classic frames” honed to his aesthetic tastes — and whatever the scene might call for. He says that a good foundation for developing a trademark visual sensibility lies in the fundamentals of framing.

Commercials Capture the Essence of the Times | Videomaker
If you're working on a commercial shoot, take some time to watch some of the commercials currently playing on television.  How are they pitching their products?  What's their message?  Chances are that they're trying to convince you that their product will change your life if you give it a chance.  What visual flourishes are they using to sell that idea? 

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