Sunday, September 09, 2012

Roger Deakins talks ARRI Alexa

At this year's IBC, Cinematographer Roger Deakins talked about using the Arri Alexa. Deakins has been using the Alexa for some time, and recently completed shooting the latest Bond film, Skyfall. The ARRIChannel Twitter feed had the following comments from Deakins:

UPDATE: They've also posted a video of the event (below):
"There was so much more latitude in ALEXA than a 4K scan of film" when he first tested it for In Time

Deakins on resolution race: "there is such a thing that is too much resolution, it becomes too sharp and synthetic"

Deakins feels ALEXA can mimic film identically by adding grain "You can get there with the image but you can take it elsewhere as well"

"Now when I go to the cinema & when I see grain, I don't like it. It's too much for me."

Roll-off of highlights and detail in shadows is what he likes about ALEXA vs other digital cameras

Deakins manipulated color temperature in camera on ALEXA often for Skyfall

Most of the film was shot with 1 camera, for the train sequence we used 11 ALEXAs

Regarding optical viewfinder on the Studio "I like seeing exactly what is in front of me, that is how I light"

Deakins does miss the sound of film running through the magazine, joked with his AC about rigging a sound effect for ALEXA

"My wife says I slept better than ever once I started shooting ALEXA"

A conversation with Roger Deakins - Part 2 | YouTube

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