Sunday, September 30, 2012

Camera Pricing News

The prices for two recently announced cameras seem to have been ironed out, as the Canon C100 and Sony NEX-VG900 now have prices at B & H. Meanwhile, the 5D Mark II has an increased rebate.

When it was announced, the price of the C100 was listed at "around $8,000" though there was talk of it being closer to $6,000. I have to admit I was doubtful, but lo and behold the Canon C100 is currently priced by B&H at $6,499.00. That's still a lot of money, considering it doesn't do higher than 30p, is 8bit and HD and records in AVCHD. It competes with the NEX-FS700, which gives much higher frame rates and will have 4K support in a couple of months. And costs $7,999. Which is best? Ehhhh.....

Meanwhile, the Sony NEX-VG900, the full-frame E-mount offering is now priced at B & H at $3,298.00. I still don't know what to make of that camera. Maybe the reviewers will love it, but personally it doesn't appeal to me. It seems a bit expensive for what is a consumer camera, as much as a "full-frame" camera is interesting. I think I'd save my money for the C100 or FS700. Assuming I had three grand lying around in the first place.

Finally, the rebate on the Canon 5D Mark II has increased to $400, resulting in a price of $1,799. It's thought that they are clearing out the end of the inventory, so if you've been thinking of getting one, now might be the time.


AnticipateMedia said...

It's not about the numbers mike. You go on about 8 bit and this and that but the proof is in the image and the quality of the output. It's in using the camera. It's in how well it lasts, and how practical it is. The numbers game is getting silly.

The C300 is world-renown as an incredible camera with a great image. It's used everywhere now - news, doco, and broadcast TV dramas like the upcoming Nashville. Why? Because it's good. The camera is built well (I've certainly battle tested it by now) and is a joy to work with and to grade even for a big screen. The FS700 looks flat in comparison. It has high speed... so? 95% of people's work is in 24/25/30p. If one really needs high speed they'll buy or rent a competent high speed camera. The price for the C100 is pretty amazing for what you get - essentially an AVCHD - based C300. If I didn't need the MXF 50Mbit for speed, I would seriously consider switching to the C100. The FS700? no way.

Michael Murie said...

Sony makes exactly the same argument (look at the image) when asked why they use AVCHD and don't support 50 Mbit. I don't think it's a bad argument, but it can be even more difficult to get a consensus on (i.e. Zacuto Shootout.)

I included 8bit because people talk about it, and also because there's now competition (the Blackmagic Cinema Camera) that's 12-bit.