Sunday, June 24, 2012

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Does the Sony NEX-FS700 image improve when using an external recorder?
| Matt Allard | DSLR News Shooter
A quick test reveals little difference using an external recorder:
Well in short the answer at the moment seems to be no. Sony have said the camera will be capable of outputting a 4K 12bit RAW image at some point in the future but sadly it only outputs 8 bit 4:2:2 over the HD SDI output at the moment. My interest here is solely in actual image quality so I’m not going to go into all the technical reasons for this – if you are interested in finding out more there is plenty of in depth technical information around the web.

How to Wrap Cables and Avoid a Tangled Mess | Evan Luzi | The Black and Blue
Perhaps the most important tip of the day; how to deal with cables!
That solution is known as “the over/under method” and is one of the first things you should know how to do when getting into any type of film or video production.
It is one of the best skills you can learn on a set — especially if you can do it fast. Monitor cables get notoriously long (sometimes 100+ feet) and need to be coiled quickly to make moving onto the next scene a breeze.

Adobe Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 | Alan Stafford | PC World
Another positive review of Premiere Pro CS6, though I'm not sure I'd ding an NLE for not supporitng WebM and Ogg:
Premiere Pro CS6 broadens its lead over other video editing ap­­plications—and its GPU-accelerated performance still smokes anything else that you can buy.

Top 5 tips for the Smoke pre-release | John Montgomery | fxphd
Interesting usage tips for Smoke users:
1. Don’t use H.264 footage
Playback performance of H.264 clips can be dreadful. Autodesk is aware of this and will have it improved in a later release. For testing and learning, though, it’s not really a big problem. Just transcode to ProRes footage and performance will improve dramatically, making exploring Smoke fun again.

Re: desperate: FCPX hangs on boot up | Jack Niedenthal | Creative COW
A problem with Final Cut Pro X diagnosed:
it turns out that he believed the issue was with the events folder getting too bloated as I was working on 75 scenes for a full length feature and had them all as compound clips. I was starting to consolidate by combining a series of clips, for example, combining the compound clip for scenes 1-8 with scenes 9-14 so I could watch them play through. At any rate, this got way to bloated for FCPX to deal with.

Audio Basics | michaschmidt | Vimeo
The demo is done with Logic, but carries across to other audio apps:
... well just some basics for you to start ur audio post production ... i talk about EQ settings, Compressor settings and just some basic rules in relation to the whole process.
keep in mind nothing is "set in stone" all that should just be a inspiration / a starting point for your setting ... trust ur ears!

“Like a demo tape from your favorite band:” Mark Duplass talks improvisational filmmaking | Joe Berkowitz | Co.Create
Interview with Mark Duplass, who is the star and executive producer of Your Sister’s Sister:
I would say that making a movie with a perfectly constructed script that took two to three years to write is probably going to make the best movie in the long run, but if you’re making them quickly and shaggy and cheaply, I believe that allowing your actors to improvise will make a better movie usually.

Small Video Sport v Scottish Television “You decide” | Philip Johnston
| HD Warrior
Philip takes Scottish TV to task - probably rightly - for producing content that looks worse than what he's turning out:
STV need to have a hard look at themselves and decide whether they are going to enter the 21st century by going HD and bring back some enthusiasm and creativity. It’s shocking that two of us at Small Video Sport can produce a far better product with a studio the size of a broom cupboard on HD and ZERO budget.

I do hear that the 1D produces better video than the 5D:

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