Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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Testing the FS700: Low Light Performance, Dynamic Range, and Slow-Motion
| AbelCine
Andy Shipsides at AbelCine checks out the Sony NEX-FS700 and finds that the dynamic range is about the same as the NEX-FS100 (11.5 stops), though the addition of Cine gamma modes gives "a nice smooth roll-off in highlights:"
Q: How accurate are the ND filters?
A: From my testing, the ND filters were very accurate and did not introduce color shift (properly neutral). I tested this with a waveform monitor to confirm the stop change was accurate.

Full Frame Shootout: Review of Nikon D800, D4 and Canon 5DmkIII | Philip Bloom | Blog
Philip Bloom posts a shoot-out of three full-frame cameras:
The full-frame look, for me, is a wonderful unique aesthetic. I already own three superb super 35mm video camera which all do a better job at shooting video than the three DSLRs in this test – I have the Sony FS100, F3 and Canon C300 (The Canon C300 was used to film this video) but their aesthetic is totally different. Very similar to crop-sensor DSLRs. Not a bad thing. Just different. Full-frame looks so unique that it is hard to quantify in words. Certainly, it can achieve much more shallow depth of field, which is a nice option to have in your box of tricks, but not one to use all the time!

A Beginner's Guide to Backing Up Footage and How 'Toy Story 2' Almost Disappeared Forever | Joe Marine | No Film School
The story about Toy Story 2 almost being deleted has been around for a few weeks, but this post is interesting because the author almost did the same thing:
Embarrassingly, the reason that the rest of the 5D Mark III/D800 review is not out yet is because I thought I’d had footage backed up in three places, but only had it in two, and it was accidentally deleted from one of my drives, leaving the only remaining copy on a completely different drive that belonged to a friend – who happened to be across the country. Good times.

NHK shrinks its 8K Super Hi-Vision-ready camcorder to the size of HD cameras
| Richard Lawler | Engadget
Oh no! 4K isn't even here yet:
Their latest development is this camera seen above on the left, capable of recording 8K in a camera head that is smaller and lighter than the previous unit (the new one weighs 4kg, about 1/5th the weight) shown on the right, and is more comparable to the size of a standard HDTV camera.

Looking for a REDucation? RED Offers Digital Cinema Training Course - for a Price | E.M. Taboada | No Film School
$15,000 is an indie movie budget!
The other thing is the opportunity cost — what else could I do with those $15,000? If I had $15,000 to spend on my film goals, and was starting out, I think I would spend it differently. One alternative would be to volunteer to work on other folks’ shoots, learning the tricks of the trade on the job, forming the trust and social network that makes future collaboration possible, and getting a sense of real-world production costs.

VIDEO: Do-it-Yourself Acoustical Treatment: How to Build a Diffuser | Tim Dittmar | Audio Undone
One way to cut down on noise:
A diffuser is a great way to control reflections in a room and make your room sound flatter. If your room is on the “dead” side, diffusers may be more suitable than adding absorptive sound control. Diffusers are often placed on the back wall behind the engineer’s head. They can also be placed in the studio to help tighten up a room, reduce flutter echo, and control reflections. Here’s a good way to make a diffuser using a proven formula. This diffuser is designed to be effective up to about 600 Hz.

Adobe will fix security bug in CS5.x, having originally said CS6 was the fix
| DPReview
Interesting change in Adobe's attitude:
Adobe has confirmed that it will fix the security problems with Photoshop and other CS5.x packages, having originally suggested that a paid upgrade to CS6 was the only solution. The security concerns, raised by the company on May 8th, were rated as 'critical,' meaning it could 'allow malicious native-code to execute, potentially without a user being aware.' Despite this, the original solution raised in the company security bulletin was to upgrade to CS6, leaving CS5.x users vulnerable.

The Science Behind Movie Catchphrases | Hollywonk
But is it a good idea - and can you - write catchphrases?
It all boils down to this, according to The Physics arXiv Blog: “Memorable phrases contain generic pearls of wisdom expressed with unusual combinations of words in ordinary sentences.”

And, as an interesting side note, the study’s authors found that memorable lines were most likely to occur in the last 10th of scripts.

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