Friday, May 11, 2012

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A QuickStart Guide to New Adobe Premiere CS6 Features | Danny Greer
| Premiumbeats
It's Adobe CS6 release week, so here's a guide to new features in Premiere Pro CS6:
5. Trimming
Many editors will tell you trimming is the heart of editing, and having the right tools is crucial. Trimming in previous versions was clunky and you were unable to trim numerically from the keyboard. Premiere CS6 features advanced trimming, with a new trim window and better trimming in sequences. It really shines now. You can use J, K and L keys to dynamic trim. Also, the timeline won’t stop playing as you trim, which is a major improvement.

3D camera tracker | Brian Maffit |
This video explains the new 3D Camera Tracker in After Effects (which does look pretty cool!):
Learn how to use the new 3D Camera Tracker by creating a 3D project that adds animated text to a movie. See how the tracker works in the background to analyze a scene and then automates the addition of an animated 3D camera with text. See how to adjust, manipulate and add animators and other effects to the text for amazing results.

Creative Cloud Team Blog | Adobe
The blog for the Creative Cloud; which is supposed to be live now(?)
To say that the Creative Cloud represents a big change for Adobe is a dramatic understatement. Every part of this company is rethinking what it means to solve problems for our customers and give them the tools and services to create amazing things. Although I’ve only been at Adobe a few months, it’s been remarkable to see so many people embrace so much change. (Honestly, I’m having a blast.)

Switching to Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS6 PDF | Adobe
More features in Premiere Pro CS6:
4. Cross-platform, interoperability with Final Cut Pro and Avid software
With an open approach and broad format support in Adobe Premiere Pro, you can collaborate more efficiently with colleagues by easily importing and exporting projects regardless of format. Perform roundtrip editing with content from Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Avid Pro Tools software.

[Fstoppers Original] What Is Lens Diffraction And When Does Diffraction Happen?
| Patrick Hall | F-Stoppers
Diffraction in simple terms is a phenomena that occurs with light when it interacts with an obstacle. Most of us are familiar with light diffraction patterns found on the backs of CDs, in water molecules in the air, or on spider webs when looked at the right angle. Diffraction can also occur in your DSLR camera which can become a major problem and cause your images to lose their sharpness. Here is a simple diagram that shows how light particles hit your camera’s digital sensor when going through large apertures and smaller apertures.

Introduction to using Evernote as a productivity tool | Jolie Miller |
Evernote is one of those apps I downloaded and never really used. Maybe I should rethink that:
You can create notebooks to share collections of notes with certain teams. For example, your Marketing Ideas notebook can be a joint collaboration with the marketing team while your Recipes to Try notebook might just be one you share with your spouse so you’re both inspired when it’s time to plan meals.

NAB Recap pt. 2: Support and Accessories | Vincent Laforet | Blog
Vincent continues his look back at this year's NAB:
Kessler was also showing off its new Kwik Release System, which is a camera fastening system that instantly locks when the mounting plate is placed in the receiver, and can be quickly unlocked with a push-button release gate. A quick release plate is one of the most useful accessories you can spend your money on – I SWEAR by them.

Sony Super 35mm | Sony | Facebook
If you're a PMW-F3 user, Sony wants to hear from you; though they don;t say why:
Attention PMW-F3 Owners!! Special programs are in the works and we'd like to know who you are. Please send an email to production(at)am(dot)sony(dot)com and let us know who you are!

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