Friday, January 06, 2012

Correction on Canon C300 frame rates

A correction to today's report on the Canon C300 supporting 60p out the HDMI port. This is incorrect and a result of working from my incomplete notes taken during the meeting. Here's what Larry Thorpe actually said about the HDMI/HD-SDI output and 60p support:
Q: I was wondering if you could discuss what’s coming out the HDMI and the SDI spigots out the back?
A: HD-SDI is coming out, base band, 4:2:2, 8-bit in a 10-bit carrier, as I described earlier. HDMI, same signal, base band HD
Q: And all the frame rates will come out?
A: Yes, all the frame rates will come out. Oh, frame rates, now that's another thing I have to say, because there’s a limitation there, the image sensor that I described can go all the way up to 60p, it’s very fast. The processor and the codec that we lifted out of the XF305 to put in this camera, at 1080 it can’t deliver 60p, it’s limited to 30p, so we have 24p, 23…oh by the way we do 24.00 and 23.98, if you want to do film or television work. We’ve got the 59.94, we’ve got the 30p, but 30p is the maximum progressive on the HD-SDI spigot coming out. 720 60p comes out on the spigot no problem there, but at the 1080 we’re limited to 30p.

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