Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Canon .THM files

If you're a Canon camera owner like me, you've probably seen those .THM files along with the .mov or .avi files, and you've probably figured they are some kind of information file, but never bothered doing anything with them.

Turns out these .THM (Thumbnail) files contain a small JPEG image, as well as EXIF data (what camera settings were used etc.) And, they are actually valid JPEG files, so you can open them with any program that can read JPEG. Simply rename the file to .JPG, and then open them with Photoshop (as well as other applications) and view the EXIF data.

Source: From Still to Motion Facebook page


Unknown said...

I try to import .avi from my laptop on my canon .. i don't have .thm to come with it so canon don't even recognize it .. Can i create one .thm ?? .. or how can i read any .avi if it comes not from the canon itself...

sorry for my english
thank you

Michael Murie said...

I'm not sure I completely understood your question, but I've given one answer here: VideoQ&A: Problems with .AVI files from Canon camera