Friday, November 06, 2009

VoltaicHD v 2.0

Back at the end of October, ShedWorx released version 2.0 of their AVCHD converter, VoltaicHD. New features for this release:
  1. ShedWorx now has an AVCHD Previewer which gives you a live preview of your movies.
  2. Edit your AVCHD movies prior to conversion.
  3. You can now send your movies direct to YouTube, iPhone, iPod and AppleTV.
  4. Improved conversion processing gives you even better quality results.
  5. Improved inverse telecine process for getting the best results from your 24p footage.

You can download a trial version. If you have a non-Intel Mac, or want to be able to reimport AVCHD files that are no longer in an AVCHD file structure (the only way you can import them into Final Cut Express and Pro) then VoltaicHD is worth checking out.

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