Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Sony NXCAM article

Nigel Cooper at got to spend some time with the NXCAM prototype, and his article adds some more information about the camera:

  1. NXCAM is a “brand” not a model name. The camera will get a model number when it is announced.
  2. The camera has an overcrank/undercrank feature, limited to 12 seconds
  3. A new “Super Steady Shot” system that sort of works like the stabilization filter in Final Cut (it reduces the image area slightly and figures out how to smooth movement of the frame around that extra "slop"). He says there’s some reduction in image quality, and it’s not perfect, but “I found it to be more effective than the lens damped version that has been around for many years, but nobody is going to be putting Steadicam operators out of a job anytime soon
Oh, he also seems to think that this won't replace the Z5 immediately, and Sony plans to keep selling HDV cameras while demand exists. I'd agree with that - they'll keep selling HDV cameras for a while - but the real question is; will they come out with any new HDV camera designs? My guess is, No.

Worth checking out.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the additional info on Nxcam. I'm looking forward to this new camera. I'm hoping avchd is a viable codec and that apple allows final cut pro to finally work natively with avchd. Again, thanks-Rob

Michael Murie said...

It's interesting that AVCHD uses H.264, and so does the Canon 7D (but not in AVCHD). Yet Final Cut let's you drag Canon 7D files into a project just fine, but not AVCHD.

I can understand why they don't want you to (editing H.264 files really taxes the processor) but it's odd the way that works.