Monday, March 09, 2009

Canon 5D Mark II Firmware Update Coming?

Just about as soon as it was released, people started complaining about the limitations of the video capabilities in the 5D Mk II. There’s two notable problems:

• the lack of manual controls when recording video
• no 24/25p recording

The latter is a big problem for those in Europe, and those wanting to use this camera for content to be distributed on film, while the former is a problem for almost everyone.

Now there’s some unconvincing rumors that there will be a firmware update in April that will “add a feature.” What is that feature? Who knows? But if they did add manual controls of some kind, I might be tempted to buy one of these beasts (at the moment I’m content to save my money figuring that the next camera will add those manual controls, and will be the better buy.)

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